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  1. I was talking to the mechanic, not the manager and I told him that I was waiting on a price for work and could not afford to pay the price he quoted.
  2. Hi All, Looking for some advice on how I progress with this problem. I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0TDi and had to have an engine repair or a new engine fitted. I had been collecting quotations for a new engine and the cheapest I had was £1495 for supply and fit a new engine to my car. Well I contacted a company in Motherwell, Scotland and the chap I spoke to advised that he could more than likely repair the engine and it would be cheaper to do it this way. He also advised that they would uplift the car 'free of charge' and look at what work was required. I allowed them to take the
  3. It was with Credit Acceptance Corporation for buying a car - the amount is roughly £1200. I do not know if there was a CCJ against it as I had moved away for a number of years.
  4. Hi All, Looking for a bit of advice here. I had a debt that had passed the 6 year statutory period - they contacted and in a panic I made a one-off payment of £20. I then visited this site and read all of the related threads etc. I sent the Statute barred letter but the solicitors are still sending letters saying that as a payment has been received I am liable to pay this debt and they will be taking me to court. Can anyone advise, how should I proceed or will I have to make an arrangement?
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