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  1. Im not sure, its Fredrickson International Limited and there based in Weybridge in Surrey whats also strange is Nationwide have put $400 in charges on me say thats how much i owe and Fredrickson has said i owe them $214, which dont add up, im Gonna have a good read thro the DCA threads, and thanks for the advice how to handle DCA's, Karl
  2. what has happened is, when they was putting the charges on my account i didnt pay the charges, so all the charges they have put on i have not payed, its stopped in august last year and went to a debt collector, they put over 400 hundred in charges so i want it cleared off the account, cos i never paid the charges it wont come to me just off the account, does that make sense lol Karl
  3. Thank again, ive been reading lots of threads too and i think im gonna ask them to clear the account and clear the default, so im not asking for money just to clear the account, ill keep all you guys up to date how it goes, thanks for the advice, and any more advice will be great, Karl
  4. Thanks for you quick reply GuidoT, im now going thro other posts, i have a claim with Natwest at the mo im now im sending the LBA tomorrow. It's just ive not really found anythin on the threads from people who are claiming money back that is just a debt that has happened cos i ignored the account, tho i will fight that they clear it and remove the default notice, also ive spoken to the debt agency and they said u can clear the debt and u can carry on with ur claim, ive said ill think about it untill i get read thread and get some feedback
  5. Hi people, ive got my data back of Nationwide and did my spreadsheet, Nationwide have given me over £400 in bank charges but ive not paid them, tho my account is now closed and passed on to a debt agency, i want then debt cleared and the default notice removed, all the debt is from there charges so how do i do this, do i request the money off them and pay the debt agency or ask them to clear my account remove my default notice and tell the debt agency to stop calling me, Any help or comments will be so helpful Thanks in advance, Karl
  6. thanks for ya help on the address guys, Now a new one for ya, ive worked out there has been about £750 worth of charges added to my account, but the account has stopped with about £350 in arrears, altho ive payed £180 or so to the debt agency who now has the debt,, so do i ask for the full £750 or deduct the 350 and then claim back of the debt agency im not sure where i stand with this one so if anyone has been in this situation ur advice would be well appriecated
  7. Data Protection Manager Retail Regulatory Risk 2nd Floor Business House B GOGARBUREN P.O. Box 1000 EDINBURGH EH12 1HQ this was where i sent for my data, would i knowck the data part of the top and just send it back to them??? Karl x
  8. Im pretty new to all this, and im following step by step instructions, i sent of my data form to NatWest which i got back this morning, ive worked out how much they owe me and im now getting a letter ready to send off, BUT i cant find the adress where to send it, i think it might be the same adress where i sent the data protection form, but im unsure. i cant find no were on the boards to say otherwise so if this thread can help others that would be cool too Thanks in advance Karl x
  9. i had a comet card, tho after so many charges they pass the debt on to a different company cos i couldnt pay, tho im repayin still, a lot of the money money im paying back is late payment charges, do i still do a S.A.R to GE Capital??
  10. the full name is GE Capital, They have transfered or sold the debt on, but would like to see how much charges they hit me for,
  11. i bought stuff from comet, and i got credit of a company called capital, anyone have any more info on this company???
  12. This is the 1st thread ive read, and this weekend im about to start my own mission, and ive learnt a lot from this thread alone so thank u for that bandit, and all the best of luck in Decemeber
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