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  1. Phone them up and offer to reduce it by £50 per month. They'll come back wanting 10% and agree to this. If you have any bank charges, make sure you ask for them back after you receive the written agreement re the 10% overdraft payback agreement, and give them two weeks notice.
  2. Bump. How did yo get on with this? We're in pretty much the same boat - we took out a loan of 23,500 with PPI from Nemo and when we paid it off early we had to pay over 29,000. We don't have an NU number from Nemo either, and AFAIK, they could have just pocketed the money themselves.
  3. Cheers MrShed. The council are sending out a Rent Penalty Notice to the landlord as they have not yet registered, despite having two letters sent to them. We have a meeting with people from the local housing office tomorrow where we'll get the chance to grill them, as it were, about the gas safety certificate - I'm thinking this is going to count against them when they do get around to applying for landlord registration. Will post an update tomorrow evening. Again, cheers.
  4. Hi y'all, I'll start by stating that we live in Scotland. Anyway, to business: We took up a one year lease that started on 1st January 2008. The lease itself basically states that we'll pay rent etc for the year on a monthly basis on the first of each (month) and pay a deposit. The contract was basically of the 'written on the back of a ciggy pack' variety. The rent was agreed on paper (as stated), but the amount was agreed verbally on the basis that an extension to the property be carried out at some point prior to summer-time this year - this has not been done and feel that we'
  5. Yep, the commissioner can, and indeed will fine them, as well as enforcing a small compensation claim on your behalf (likely to be around £125-£250)
  6. First post and in need of some help so here goes... Thanks to maroondevo52 Can I claim back the maintenance charges applied at the end of a month where I've been overdrawn. I stress - these are only ever applied if i've had an unauthorised overdraw during the month. My claim's going to be c. £3000 and have no friend/relative in England so can't use the small claims court there. Anyone had any luck with multiple small claims or 750-1500 claims in Scotland? I don't want to go through the hassle of changing a/c- would it be worthwhile informing the bank of a recent ruling regarding any
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