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  1. Hi, Moorcroft are acting for MBNA and Apex for Yorkshire Bank. I guess the debt is still with the initial creditors then and these DCA's are just pursuing it for them but what difference does this make to me in regards the DMP? Also have you heard of anyone getting a mortgage whilst on a DMP Thanks
  2. Not sure what you mean by they don't buy debt who are their clients? Are you saying that I should put a claim in against all the creditors for PPI and for all of the debts sold on I should request the CCA? With the CCA is this so that if they cant provide it they cant enforce the debt? Thanks
  3. Hi, Sorry I'm a bit slow on picking all this up as it's a long time since I even considered applying for credit and yes I have been blindly paying creditors through my DMP but what else could I do? I guess my moral view is I initially took debt on then couldn't pay it so I went on a DMP all interest was frozen and I paid an affordable amount. My debts are all now with different companies to which they started so if thats what you mean by DCA then yes that's who they are with. I will start to look at the PPI stuff but at the moment I just want some support on martgages and any p
  4. The DMP is through CCCS, and I have about 5 creditors left. Never looked into PPI and don't know what you mean about CCA!! I just wondered if there are any stories of people getting mortgages with a DMP in place where there credit history is clear Thanks
  5. Hi, I am after some educated views/advice around a DMP and getting a mortgage. I have had a mortgage for over 13 years but unfortunately also a DMP for 8 years As my DMP has been in place for this amount of time my Credit file is actually very good and completely free from anything including defaults, arrears, and any trace of any of the debt making up the DMP. I have approx 2 years to go on the DMP with approx 10k outstanding. My question is what is stopping me remortgaging and buying a new house? I've had a considerable salary increase in recent y
  6. Wow thanks. So basically I need to write to the ICO stating that First Direct didn't file a default within 6 months of the debt going onto reduced payments, and that waiting for 6 years before entering a default is unfair on the basis I have made arranged payments accepted by FD and will now be treat less fairly than someone who didn't pay their debt at all. Am I miles off the mark Anyone know where there's a template letter
  7. No I haven't got any Penalty charges or PPI. Thanks
  8. Hi all, I've not been on here for a while but my how its grown since the bank charge days Right, I entered into a debt Management plan with CCCS about 6 years ago and most of my creditors defaulted me between February and November of 2007. This means that throughout this year most of my defaults will drop off, or so I believe. Now, First Direct never defaulted me and marked me on CRA as green paying on time from Feb 2007 till November 2012 when they decided to Default even though I'm paying the same as I always have!! I phoned and they said they transferred the debt t
  9. Look, the point is here that eventually they will recover overpayments but it must be by agreement unless your contract has provisions for them to do so OR you agree to let them personally. MemoryMemory, are you a union member? If so contact your Unions free legal department immediately
  10. Aaronm, Try looking on the governments website then!!! From screams post: They can only deduct money from your wages IF YOU HAVE AGREED TO IT. They cannot do it without your permission, sorry i'll rephrase that, they can only do it and get away with it if you allow them to as it is unlawful unless you have agreed to them doing it. There are no ifs or buts it is not allowed without agreement either personnally or within your contract.
  11. Right, just am update. As of today (24th May) flights to Mexico have re-started. Unfortunately our flight on the 6th June has been cancelled and the Hotel we where to stay in is being removed from the Tour operators books so no flight and no hotel. This is no longer due to swine flu, it is simply breach of contract. Also having read ABTA's code of conduct and guidance notes, i feel they are also breaching the very body i.e. ABTA, that they reassure us they are a member of to protect US!! First of all in the code of conduct (gudance) it says that if they have a suitable alternative t
  12. I have to say my son caught Salmonella on holiday last year, he was the only one in a party of 7, we where in an all inclusive holiday village and didn't leave it so it is the tour operators fault. If your mother was in bed for 9 of the 14 days I suspect she didn't leave the complex. There are different phage types of salmonella which will narrow down the source and believe me they can really narrow down where it came from, for example, with my son they narrowed it to an egg from a particular supplier. Go to solicitors I am sure they will take it on because they will now that potenti
  13. Hi, Sorry to here of your tragic loss. I would guess it would depend where your mother unfortunately caught the salmonella. The EHO should be able to tell you the type of salmonella it is and give you an idea where it came from. If she stayed at an all inclusive accomodation then chances are she would have stayed on site and caught it there then you should have a good case. I would strongly think about contacting a solicitor and running it past them, we had to when my son caught salmoella on holiday last year as travel companies do not and will not admit liability. We are s
  14. Thanks, i'm fighting inside my own head and can see all the different angles they will come. Its always good to have someone elses interpretation.
  15. Thanks for the reply, My reading of it is that they don't have to pay compensation because of the nature of the incident but with regards to the package, it is a binding contract and they are breaking that contract hence it implies a major variance to the package and the travel regs are very clear on what you are entitled to with regards their breach So unless they can prove they have no equivalent or superior quality package they should provide one.
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