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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. Thanks all. Wolfys so happy tonight. Vik, mortgage Co are a new thang. I started a thread about my experience with Igroup. There's circa 20 people now interested. As far as the law goes, it's more complicated but still on the same basic principles. I'll keep you posted. I cannot thank everyone enough for their support. Remember there are 75000 people registered on the CAG. Thats got to make a difference. We need to get a change in the law. Wolfys huggin everyone tonight......
  4. Wolfcubs soooooooooooo happy, she's had a second glass of wine!!!! Feel a vey strange void though. Realised, feel more strongly about the law than the money (wouldnt have said that 3 years ago though). Yup, Wolfcubs here to stay. Will be lending advice and help wherever needed. And as for a new campaign - Wolfcub Vs IGroup (mortage co) ..... coming to a screen near you sooon..... Mortgage co's are new territory so good new focus. Also found £200 vs HSBC 4 years ago, but dont think thats much of a challenge. Thank you all. Bookworm I love the cat.!!
  5. Good letter Vik - I have every confience that it will hit the mark! I've just updated my thread - I got evey last penny credited to my account today. Full unconditional settlement £3450. I didnt sign anything at all - in fact I didnt even get another letter from SCM. Feelin' good Wolfs
  6. Wolfcub (Mrs) Wins!!!! After a fraught week of franky pointless conversations with SCM, I checked my account today to find a rather large sum of money there. Yes, a full unconditional settlement and a seperate payment of the disputed interest. I didn't actually sign anything at all - and never got any other paperwork from SCM. It was a great shame they were so timely. I wrote a stonking press release this morning. Another forum member contributed to it too. Unfortunatley, I can't publish it now as it's basically inaccurate. However, I will put another slant on it and put something out next week. So, to all campaigners for justice - hang it there. You will get it back.
  7. Hi Vik, Got a similar problem. Got an offer with conditions and without interest. Edited the non relevant stuff but wrote 21/09: ........ In response to your offer letter dated September 7th 2006, I do not accept this offer of £xxxx. The full sum acceptable will be £xxxx, plus interest calculated to the date of settlement and costs of £220.00. In addition, I do not accept your terms number 3 and 4 in the offer letter and I will not sign an agreement if these terms are included. Point 3 - My case is based on UK Contract Law and that Lloyds have acted unlawfully by levying penalties charges on my account. If penalty charges are made to my account in the future, then they will also be unlawful and unenforceable. Point 4 – I do not have to accept any such confidentiality clause. My case against Lloyds is a matter of law and I am frankly rather disappointed that your client should seek to introduce this term. ....... Had a conversation with SF&W (sorry meant SC&M) today. Outragous. Taped it for prosperity. They have allegidly sent another offer letter. Bottom line - their conditions are unacceptable. Tell them so. All the best.
  8. yup, it's there. Hubby worried about the legalities of posting it....
  9. I've just poured myself another glass of wine...... but still cant see it. Hic
  10. it is rather fantastic isnt it, but it doesn't show on screen. can send in other forms than .jpg if it helps.
  11. Hi Monkey.. If someone mugged you (metaphorically speaking) and nicked your wallet, wouldnt you want it back? The fact they are a multinamtional corp taking our money illegally should not deter you. You will get it back. It will take time and yes it seems they are the worst of all the banks for stalling, delaying, underhand tactics and much worse (read my thread), but its worth it. For the princliple as well as the money... Good luck Wolfcub Wolfcub v Lloyds
  12. Anyone got an idea of how you attached or paste a document to a note? Just scanned the court order.
  13. Hi Damian, Sent it to : Mandy Horton Assistant Manager 125 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 3SF Don't be daunted by the size of the mountain, but look forward to the view from the top. Best of luck. Wolfcub (mrs)
  14. Today at 4pm, Lloyds did not supply the information that the court said they HAD to deliver to me. This included original T'S and C's, details of manual intervention and get this...... how they make their charges. Yep, thats what we've always wanted to know but no bank has ever disclosed. Now SCM did fax the court TODAY to say they made an offer. TRUE they did. I rejected it cos it didnt inlcude the interest and had confidentialy clauses etc. I rejected it a week ago. So they faxed the court and sai they had made an offer not telling the court I rejected it a week ago (by fax and rec del). Had fun with a phone call which I recorded for the case. The fact they made an offer does not the case close.... I told them ever so politely that as far I was concerned the case was live, kicking, with another court date and nothing was settled. As such they had breached a county court order. She kept saying it was he clients not SCM!! I have never met such an ineffective, unprofessional and morally bankrupt set of organisations. I shall write my press release and have BBC radio interview hopefully. 15 years in PR and marketing should come in useful now. Wolfs
  15. Well done Rachel! (and your mum) What a surprise they didnt show. Glad you have got your money back. I have had a field day with SCM today (recorded the last conversation). I'll update my post later but as of 4pm today, they are in direct beach of a court order from 6th Sept. I was going to draft a press release. Would you mind if I get a quote from you about your sucess? See ya Heather
  16. Hi all Just been browsing and found I have been some use to someone!! Best of luck to all. I have alot more research in my back pocket including studies from the US and Australia whuch have attempted to show how much it actually costs to bounce a dd etc. Pls PM me if you would like more help. Also, on 7th Sept the OFT put out another statement about bank charges. Worth reading. It will have weight in court. An update on my battle. On 6th Sept the court adjurned the case cos the defence said they didnt know about the court date. (bull****) The court issued a directive that lloyds MUST provide me with the information that have witheld for 4 months AND a complete analysis of how they justify their charges (!!!) by 4pm tomorrow. If they dont, all their evidence is inadmissable in court in Nov and they will be in breach of a court ruling. I wait with baited breathe.......... I have BBC radio lined up and will make more noise than a cymbol convention about it! "Lloyds Above the Law?" Also thought I would report their Solicitors to Law Society. Cant wait. Best of luck to everyone. Wolfy (mrs) aka Heather
  17. Hi Breadline, Have read your thread with interest. Firstly, if they cant provide a contract and nor can you, then you are both in the same position. The terms and conditions that Lloyds use today are probably the only reference. But dont fret, that's the basis of all of our claims. I still have no copy of my original contract from 2001 - even through I asked 4 months ago. If I dont get it by 4pm tomorrow, they are in breach of a court order and I shall have a field day. (I was in court with Lloyds on Sept 7th which was adjouned). They have a court directive to supply me with all information (including how they set/justify their charges!) by tomorrow. On the subject of their defence (it's a service) there are two key peices of law. They say that under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contract Regulations 1999 (UTCCR) the price for a good or service is set between the two parties and is therefore not subject to any interpretation of fairness or the law - and basically they can charge what they like. This implies they can charge £100 to bounce a dd. 1. Sec 14.2 Sale of Good and Services Act states a charge has to be fair and reasonable. 2. Sec 2 Para 1 ( i think) of the UTCCR says that any terms that allows a party to unilaterally increase the price is unfair. Anyway your case is based on breach of contract - and their charge is a penalty for that breach. Good luck. If you want more info (I posted by legal case notes) look up Wolfcub V Lloyds or just Wolfcub. Cheers
  18. Hi Freebird, Hang tight and be confident. I wouldn't bother talking to SC&M any more. Let the process take it's course and you will get the result. If they want to fight, there are many like me who will help you all the way to suing their little touches off!!
  19. Hi Rachel Have you been in contact with SCM? You can go two ways. 1) Call them and see if they say "didnt know anything about the date from the court". Then they'll send a locum and ask for an adjurnment. If they are ready and going to attend, you can ask them who will be representing them and why you do not have their court bundle. 2) Dont call, they dont turn up, you win by default, they file an appeal. Get loads of publicity. If no 2, we should talk about some joint PR cos I'm going to have a great story for the press on Thurs am. In any event, you should find the judge sympathetic. They dont expect you to be a legal eagle. They probably will expect much more of Lloyds than they will provide! I have everything crossed for you. Best of luck.
  20. Hi, Any news on your case. You're in court this week if I remember. Good luck, Wolfy
  21. hi all Tracie - I have PM'd you. Everyone - thanks for all your good wishes. I'll have an update for you later this week. Today sent off all supporting evidence for the case - McNamara interview, cases I'll be relying on and other documents including the two OFT statements 5th April and 7th September. Worth looking up if you haven't seen them. Go to: Office of Fair Trading - making markets work well for consumers Wolfy
  22. Well done Zoot - and What a great thread. Beserka - I'm on the trail of Igroup now - what happened to you? The ***** tried to repossess my £300k house for being £600 in arrears. By the time I got tp court, it was over £1200 inc the charges. Just won V Lloyds so will turn my attention to ERP and Igroup. Cheers
  23. Cheers I have most of paperwork. Been pre-occupied with Lloyds but now thats almost over, I'll dig it all out at the w/e. Loan was redeemed in full 3 years ago. Wolfcub go dig....
  24. Hi all, Got into the mire with Igroup 3 years ago - they were terriers - unrelenting, abraisive and frankly unfair. Sorry, just reaslised thats terribly unfair to terriers... Ironically, Lloyds caused many of the problems that led to a default on a secured loan. (claim in court at the mo vs Lloyds - see Wolfcub vs Lloyds Tsb). Tried to reposses a £300k house for being £1000 in arrears. However, they caused me real pain and hearache and I've always had a hunch that their strategy is it actively repossess houses. Mine was saved, not without alot of pain. Would love to hear from anyone else. Cheers Wolfcub
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