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  1. Just spoke to Robert Saunders and have been advised, they are very behind and have a huge backlog. I will not hear anything until august. Worth a try I s'pose!
  2. Got court date for 05/09. Going to give Robert a ring and will start getting bundle together..
  3. Hi welshcakes, Unfortunately we are still waiting for a court day(our court is so slow) Just going to have a read of your thread now. Regards Tan.
  4. Contacted court today - Judge has ordered Case to be heard in small claims court and is to last no more than 30 mins. No date as yet and receptionist has no idea how long it could take to get one. Carry on waiting I s'pose..............
  5. Allocation questionnaire handed in today (obtained a receipt) also sent a copy recorded to Barclays. I have emailed the litagation dept and have just received this reply - Thanks for your email, I’ll be dealing with your claim. I will look at your claim with a view to settlement out of court, however due to the high volume of claims I deal with I’ll be able to give you a more realistic time estimate when a hearing date is allocated. Your patience is much appreciated though in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries. Kind regards Robert Saunders Barclays Bank PLC 1 Churchill Place London E14 5HP Tel: 020 7116 2403
  6. Just getting everything together and I have just noticed on my schedule of charges I have marked two dates incorrectly, they should state 2005 and I have put 2003. Interest total should have stated 1057.52 at date of claim and not 1067.13. What shall I do? Should I let court/The Woolwich know or just leave it as it is?
  7. Hi, When I looked into this for my sister I was advised there was nothing she could do and the car would have to be repossesed. Car has now been repossesed and they are waiting to find out how much they will have to pay. You could try contacting national debtline on 08088084000 they have a website too. I found them really helpful. Hope this helps x
  8. Still no news. Received an allocation questionnaire friday. Think this has been sent out by mistake as AQ was to be dispensed with. I will ring court tomorrow to check.
  9. I am having the same problem I have OTHER DB on schedule, some are for £35. and some amounts are for £17.50. How are the amounts made up are they charges or ppi? Statements would have been better.
  10. Hi, Amanda Yes I did ammend schedules + schedule sent to court. So seems all is fine, I thought as much but nice to have a second opinion. I have claimed against Halifax and Cap 1 and they were really quick to pay up. Woolwich are a complete pain to deal with. Everything is last minute. Tan
  11. Hi All, Received notice of transfer today. It has been ordered that - The filling of an allocation questionnaire be dispensed with in this case I understand when claiming online this seems to be standard procedure now. So I am ok with that. Not sure about defence though. I have read a lot of threads and The Woolwich defence seems pretty standard. Please can someone confirm no.1 and two of my defence is standard as when sending the first schedule I missed the dates of and didn't notice until after it was posted. 1.The particulars of claim do not provide details or particulars of the account in question or the precise charges alleged to have been unlawful, or the dates thereof. To the extent it is alleged that the claimant incurred bank charges on his account for unauthorised borrowings (whether unpaid fees for returned cheques, "paid referral fees" or any other such fees), the defendant puts the claimant to strict proof of each charge and the date thereof. 2. This defence is summary in nature and the defendant puts the claimant to strict proof of each charge and the date thereof. Can anyone advise?
  12. Hi all, 28 days was up today. Checked this morning and defence hadn't been submitted. I requested judgement 9am. At 4.30 I checked MCOL and Woolwich had submitted their defence. I have called MCOL and they advised all paper work was sent out today and transfered to my local court. Here goes to lots of reading tonight!
  13. Hi, Yes car is on HP. Well I have looked into situation a bit more and yes it is legal. As the car is not hers to sell the only way they could sell back to the garage is if the finance co. agree. Only options they have are to VT agreement or wait for it to be repossessed.
  14. Hi Caz, Unfortunately yes, you will need to wait 28 days from 15/4. My 28 days are up midnight tomorrow. Can't wait!
  15. My sister purchased a car on finance 5 months ago, this was a bad move and unfortunately they are now having real difficulty in keeping to the agreement. They have already missed one payment and there is no way with a new baby due next month they are going to be able to continue with the agreement. They owe £10000.00 and the garage they purchased the car from are willing to buy the car back for £8000.00 (the garage would pay this direct to the finance company) the finance company have said they will not agree to this and the only options my sister has is to have the car repossessed and they will sell at auction or they will buy back for £5000.00 leaving them £5000.00 to pay. Surely it would be better for the company to receive £8000.00 leaving my sister owing £2000.00, than to sell at auction for a small amount or buy back for £5000.00. Can they do this, is it legal?
  16. Oh no! Just checked MCOL, Woolwich have acknowledged claim. Have to wait until 19th April now. Here's to another long wait! Thanks for advice Amanda.
  17. 14 days up today! Woolwich have not responded to the claim. I have tried to start judgement but keep getting a message stating defendent has 14 days to respond. I understand through reading a few threads on here they are sometimes given a few extra days on top of the 14 days. Do I just sit back for a couple more days or shall I ring the court? Any advice would much appreciated.
  18. MCOL submitted today. Two-three weeks late with this, hopefully shouldn't be a problem. Total claim for 5365.63.
  19. Going to file mcol tomorrow. Just had a thought though I think a few of my charges may have been refunded, I received a schedule of charges and not statements so I am unable to check. I don't know whether to submit claim and hope for the best or ring The Woolwich?
  20. Letter received today - It is denied these fees are unlawful etc............. Last paragraph states "I have in an effort to resolve this matter without the need for a court hearing, sent you a cheque for £686.16 It should arrive within the next 14 days" At last I have won. Need to concentrate on my Woolwich clim now (have a feeling that's is going to drag on) Thanks for all help and support!
  21. Thanks for info Armsoft, I have decided not to ammend claim. I will just hope for the best. Received notice that acknowledgment service has been filed. Capital One intend to defend all of the claim.
  22. I have contatced MCOL and all they could say was it would cost £35.00 to ammend claim and issue date would start from the day claim was ammended but the decission was up to me. The main question I have is if I leave claim as it is and Cap1 solicitors pick up on it could this delay the process or stop me from getting my money. I really don't know whether to just loose the £35 and change it or to just see what happens.
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