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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. anyone? I mean I wasnt even informed of being blacklisted? surely I need to be notified?
  3. well I never got a reponse from that letter so I decided to phone all 3 parties involved up (aktiv capital, credit reference agencies and HSBC) it seems that HSBC are to blame, I spoke to aktiv capital and even though it has their name on the blacklist, it is on behalf of HSBC who are the people that posted it (they confirmed this) they said they cannot lift the marks because the amount in question was not made of overdraft charges, but I know that to be false because I decided to stop paying them when they constantly put charges on charges. what do I do? is there a letter from the court
  4. hehe it is kinda true, but johnny is the man on this one! sent now - gotta wait for a response now will keep ya posted!
  5. Any advice anyone? I'm just gonna post it, I'll post an update when I get a response
  6. just read, the company hasn't been contacting me at all for the money - I recieved no mails, calls or anything of the sort and further checking my account they blacklisted me from dec 2007 to dec 2008 (still not acceptable) and left the account open. so took up johnnymitch's link and edited it to this: any extra recommendations?
  7. Hi guys sorry about this, but I found a letter from a company called "AKTIV KAPITAL (UK) LTD Debt Recovery. It says the following: ok so I send the letter to these guys then as they are saying they own the debt and after checking they are the ones black listing me too. Should I call them first? I've already done that a while ago (a good few years ago) and the woman that answered said it would be fine bla bla bla... but clearly it wasnt so shall I just send the letter? I now have the time required to take this through.
  8. grr just found an old thread I posted before - sorry for the repost. I'm finally gonna get onto it hate being too busy.
  9. Hi guys, I just done a credit check on myself and it has transpired that HSBC's collection services have been blacklisting me every month since the start of my case even though I have told them the situation between myself and hsbc! I just had a look at the letter to send about removing the data but I don't think that goes to the debt collections agency, more so the people that store the black listing?? that right?
  10. thanks for the bump the thread I made with all my posts about my account is here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/hsbc-bank/35253-starting-my-case-against.html but I really dont know what to do... I wanna start getting a mortgage but cant because of this credit history!
  11. Hey guys heres my situation... 3 years ago my case got stayed.... in this period of time, hsbc decided to send a magical amount of money that I owed them to a debt collections agency. (the amount I owe them is £240, the amount they owe me is 1570 - give or take) I phoned up the debt collections agency and explained the situation, they said no problem they will get a refund from hsbc and the problem will again be between me and the bank. I check my credit rating and find out that the entire period of time the debt collections agency has been black listing me every month for the entire period th
  12. why is it taking so long for the high courts etc to start the case? Yeah I took them to court only to be told everything was being stayed, there was about 14 of us there lol. Its been an insane amount of time - truely rediculous how long it is taking just to START the case, the actual initial case took no longer than a couple of months to go through. a good few years on, we've entered recession, banks are going bankrupt around us along with the cash they took from us.
  13. ok this is a real bloody blast from the past, but look how long now I've been waiting for this **** to get done! I mean come on! Im sure I started this in 2006! infact I think I did!!!! Can anyone fill me in on this? I havent heard anything on it for a long long time! like everyone has died! Whats news? has a judgement been passed? wish I knew >.
  14. ok so seen on the news the other day that we won the test case and apparently the banks will probably (if not already have) appealed? whats happening at the moment? are the stays lifted or extended???
  15. there was no lines, the only sign was half way into the street (I was parked on the begining) and it said "towing area" with a number to call didnt mind the tow with the £105 charge, but I dont see why I should pay that and then pay a 2nd charge of £30? surely double charging is just trying to get more money?
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