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  1. footnote.... I've just been told that my job is being made redundant, so all help & advice is now doubly welcome!!
  2. Quick update. Got a letter from Welcome last week in response to my SAR. They sent me a copy of my most recent agreement only, yet I asked for copies of all agreements, statements and correspondence. Luckily I have 5 of the 6 originals and obtained the information I was looking for from the 6th via the FSCS, er welcome, helpline. This lunchtime I visited a ''no win no fee' contract law solicitor, whose opening gambit was to ask me how much I was prepared to spend on litigation. He then advised me that under Scots law, the best I could hope for was the repayment of PPI claimed p
  3. My sentiments exactly! I'm already looking up local consumer lawyers. I'll check a few out before deciding. If I do win this one I hope it opens the floodgates. I'd like to see Cattles properly rattled.
  4. The penny is slowly dropping, lol. Thank you so much for your help. I think the £160k has given me vertigo. I'm normally a little more analytical than this but my brain has been in a blender since those numbers appeared. Thank you again.
  5. Thanks Mr Z, However, without the interest claim included, the sums of money involved become much smaller. It's the interest and the timescale that creates the high values. Without claiming interest, I could claim £8853 in PPI and approx £3.5k for other charges. I'm not a greedy man but that is quite a drop from £160k. If there is no chance of winning in court with interest, then so be it but I'll bee seeking out that solicitor very soon.
  6. FSCS are now openly backsliding all enquiries to Welcome customer services team, so no point asking them for impartial advice. FoS were less useful than the FSCS (who at least confirmed my agreement numbers & amount of PPI sold for each case from 2001 onwards). My questions were as follows; Q. Can I pursue all of my claims as one package. A. No. from 2003-2003, all claims will be handled by FoS. From 2005-present, all claims will be handled by welcome, sorry, "FSCS". All earlier claims will not be investigated at all. Q. Since I wish to pursue Welcome for all PPI (and other char
  7. Thanks Mr Z, I'll get back to my own thread now, lol.
  8. Hi Dx, Not sure what obv reasons were for but no worries. I'm not sure about the steps I shoud take to get this money back. If I go through FSCS, my oldest & biggest claims will be ignored. Same goes for FOS. I'm unsure about going directly to court due to the sums involved. When I won against the Halifax a few years ago, It was through small claims. This is obviously not a small claim. I'm struggling with the chronology here. I don't need to send a SAR (although I have done - with no reply) Do I go straight to an LBA? If so, what action am I threatening? Can
  9. What happens when you don't need a SAR? I have all of my documents.
  10. A wee update. I think a letter to Welcome is now required. Any further advice will be most welcome.
  11. Here are 5 of my 6 agreements with welcome. They will hopefully back up my calculations (apart from the 2001 error). have merged them into one small file - dx croc .pdf
  12. Thanks guys, Will do this after work & post them this evening.
  13. Here is my oldest agreement. Apologies for the screw up. I had originally claimed from 19/01/01 in error. The actual date is 19/11/01, which reduces my claim by £40k! Still, better to be accurate. More to follow
  14. I also have statements going back to 2007 with 'capitalizations'. I'll add them to the mix and see what kind of pie that produces. The amount of charges I accrued - before capitalizations' was over £12k I feel like a bufoon for not having looked more closely. I have life insurance, I have private medical insurance, I have unemployment insurance, yet they charged me for all of these and then charged my wife too! I've cancelled the Direct debit for my current loan and they are phoning me like beez around honey.
  15. Thanks dx, I've used your template (although I haven't yet separated PPI from other charges) to test my figures. It would seem that I am now owed £184k, so it could be that my calculations were basically sound. This is getting a bit scary! I'll scan, sensor and post my contracts today. If I'm within my rights to claim this amount I think a lawyer may be required. Does anyone know what the biggest payout has been so far? Thanks again for your input. Copy of interestcalcs.xls
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