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  1. Thanks for these replies guys. Ill be back when there's progress to report.
  2. Following my success against Barclays with my Account, im now helping some people in work get their charges back. Ive got another one with Barclays to do, and one with Natwest, hence my post here. Putting the prelim letters together over the weekend, then i can get the ball rolling. One quick but important question: DO NATWEST CLOSE ACCOUNTS AS A MATTER OF COURSE WITH THESE CASES?? I need to be able to warn people on this one before i start. Cheers guys!
  3. Well, weve had our money now. ALL OF IT. No chance of them taking it back either as its all gone!! Can this thread title be changed to ***WON*** or similar. YAY!! Off to fill in the questionaire now...
  4. Cheers mate. Im off to Asda to buy some Magners now, so they'll be cold for later!!!;-)
  5. Yep. got my settlement letter yesterday, rand the bank today to grind out the last details, and im all done now, pending getting the cash in my account. Im suprised they havent written to you by now? If you ring them now, and tell them when your court date is, they'll most likely panic!! Dont take anthing less than the full amount, and dont be swayed into contacting the court till youve got your money. Theyve left it VERY late with you!! I guess also that you havent had their Court Bundle???? Ill be interested to see where this one goes.
  6. Just come off the phone to Tony again. We agreed on the actual sum, and ive altered the amount accordingly, plus a nominal sum which is going some way towards refunding the further charges since christmas. I had to waive the right to beginning future litigation in respect to these charges, but made sure that there was a definite time period (ie Dec '06 to March '07) in case we get charged in future:rolleyes: I also added this at the end of the letter, so he doesnt think about maybe dragging his heels on crediting our account: "I will alert Liverpool County Court to this full and fi
  7. Ring them!!! Am i right in thinking your in Wavertree as in Liverpool? I got a letter today, and my date isnt until the 28th March?!
  8. Sent my letter on 2nd October, so were within a month of each other at most. I think i might have been a bit lucky with the Court Date though. This might be good leverage in getting the additional charges back i think.
  9. Got home to find a letter on the mat. Barclays disagree with our legal analysis, but they dont feel its cost effective to go to court. Therefore they've offered us £1458.18!!!! The figure is about £30 shy of the up to date figure, and theres no mention of the additional charges weve had since christmas, so i intend to ring 'Tony tomorrow to talk final terms. Also, theres the cr*p about 'the terms of this offer are confidential' which i might just ask him to leave out from the updated letter he'll have to send us... I mean, does he really think ill fall for that?!?! Apart from th
  10. Not a bad plan methinks, but only if either im ringing him from work, or if he rings me!
  11. Dont be like that!!! LOL:rolleyes: Ive got good vibes about breaking him by the end of this week:p
  12. What do you suggest then? Ring up on the back of the letter and grind him down? Or write back declining and wait further info?
  13. Mr. Lombardi sent a letter out to us this afternoon apparently. I rang to see if i could tempt him to give up the fight. Ive told him ill have a read, and get back to him either tomorrow or wednesday, depending on when it arrives. What do we think?? Offer of partial settlement? Or the full whack?
  14. I dont know if weve just been lucky, but Barclays dont seem to be applying charges to our account at the moment? The last one we had was at the beginning of Feb, but were still well and truly over our limit (still the bank's fault though!!) Has anyone else had this strange, but quite nice issue?
  15. I think it varies an awful lot in different areas TBH. Not only how many bank claims they get in, but also their 'normal' workload.
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