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  1. I think i should write to them, they where not asking to use a discount because I was a named driver and even states on the policy schedule that there are 0 no claims bonus, dont know if chaucer direct are part of lloyds, took me a while to suss out that chaucer and chaucer direct are two different things when I had phoned up chaucer and they never heard of me!!
  2. thanks for that lucksid what do you find odd nystagmite?
  3. Hi, I got new insurance on a car I bought, i went through a comparison website, anyway I have no no claims bonus as a, i ride a motorcycle and b, was named on my partners insurance on her car, now I stated on the website that I have no claims bonus and it even states this on the statement of facts they sent me, but they sent me a letter saying I needed a proof of no claims, so i phoned them up and told them that I have none and that it states it in the statement of facts, but she said that I had said i was named on another insurance policy and wanted proof, I told her that I couldnt use my partners insurance as she was using it on her policy, but the lady said that they wasnt going to use the no claims bonus, they wanted to see if i was named on it, I told her that I have split up with my partner and couldnt get the proof so she said I would have to pay an extra premuim which they took out of my debit card which was £139, now can they do this as I said i have no no claim bonus? surely if I state that I have no, no claims bonus then why after they quoted me a premuim, then take an extra amount cos I cant prove something that i never said I had
  4. I asked him if the address to send the sar to was the same address thats on the letter i got and he said theres no point as he could tell me all the info which was nothing really!
  5. well an update! haven't heard anything from them all this time, and tonight come home from work and a letter from them saying i owe money blah blah blah, rung them up and told them i am not paying as you cant prove i owe it, and the guy said that the case is being put to the courts, would the courts do anything about this after 16 years? I asked the guy to prove i had a debt and he said yes cos it was on his screen!!!! he also said that they have been pursuing debts from the 80's from people, I want to know how i stand about this cos going by what he said i think i will either get a letter from the courts or be getting a visit from a debt collector.
  6. Hi, got a problem! My partner has a child and is getting income support and is getting child tax credit, in july 09 I moved in with her and I wasnt working and went onto her income support as a couple, now as she had told them I had moved in and was then getting money as a couple she thought that was that, in Nov 09 I got a job and we told the benefit people and wasnt then getting any benefits at all on my single wage, then we got into contact reguarding working tax credit and we got a little amount of money, I lost my job in april 10. Now HMRC are saying that there was an overpayment of £1048! now we was shocked and my partner phoned them up and they gave so much wrong information about how they came to the amount of over payment, they said the reason is because my partner didnt tell them I moved in until Nov 09, but they said that I moved in in June 09 which was wrong as i didnt move in until july 09, and they gave a breakdown of the amount of the amounts which totals £1069 but the letter they sent says £1048, but also the letter states 'We have sent you a notice showing an overpayment of tax credits for the period ending 29/06/2009' which is also confusing as i didnt move in until july 09!!! Now my partner is scared as they keep threatening court action, but as far as i can see, how can there be a overpayment because she was on benefit and getting child tax credits for her daughter, then when i moved in she was still entitled to child tax credit as we was both on benefit, its not as if we got extra money that we wasnt entitled to, also as there are so many mistakes on what they are telling her, surley its a mistake and as they state if they make a mistake then you dont have to pay back the overpayment! hope this makes sense because we need help!
  7. I did ask them about how the payment was made and she said it was a giro and gave me the name of the post office it was cashed at, I also asked her that if I had a loan then I would of had to of filled out a form and signed it and she said yes, but when I asked if I could see it she said that they cannot give it to me as they dont have it anymore, I also said to her that my ex wife had also had some debts and one was from council tax and I had to pay it as it was taken out of my wages ordered from the court, even though I had left her and had never lived at the address they said the money was owed and was only in her name, but the dwp kept stating that it was a loan taken out in my name only, which I find confusing as any benefit was a joint claim with my ex wife! The dwp stated that I should phone up the job centre thats dealing with it which is southampton, but at the time I was living in nottingham! I did try ringing them today but they was closed.
  8. Also I am now about to claim working tax credits, can they take it out of that?
  9. Thanks for that, I did receive benefits about 3 months ago for about 3 months but they never took anything out then, but can they still enforce it as its 14 years ago? I was under the impression that a debt was clear after 10 years if say I owed it to a finance company? Problem is that im sure I never took out this loan with them as they say it was only took out by me and the at that time I was with my first wife and living with her at the address they state at that time.
  10. Hi, this morning I received a letter from the DWP claiming I owe £693.10! I am confused as they state despite previous letters they still havnt received the money! well this is the first letter I have got from them! I phoned them up and they say its for a budgeting loan and a crisis loan taken out in feb and apr 1996! now I cant remember what I got 14 years ago and asked her why it has taken 14 years to ask for the money back, to which she replied that they didnt know where I live!! well they know my national insurance number and I have been working for a long time paying tax and national insurance so I cant see how they cannot know where I live, she said I have got to pay it back, and I told her that it wasnt me because at the date and address she said, I was living with my first wife and they said it was only in my name, now if I had a loan at that time it would of had to of been a joint claim, also I asked her that if I had these loans then I would of had to sign for it and she said yes, i then asked her for proof that I had signed, she said that they cant give me proof, also one of the address they said I lived at, I never heard of that address! Now I cant believe that they can still chase a supposed debt after 14 years!
  11. They were stopped for no reason, every moped in the town last night and stopped and made to ride to the police station so their bikes can be tested, the only reason they were given was, that they were testing every ped to see if the bikes would go over the stated 50kmh 31mph, her bike was tested at 41 mph and one of her friends bike was tested at 38mph, I did ask to see the calibration certificate and the training for the operator, which they claimed to have, and sort of showed me, but he wouldnt let me hold it and read it.
  12. Hi, just had a major problem with the Police, my daughter has a 50cc moped, she bought it and was told it was standard condition and it looks in standard condition, now I MOT'd it for her ready for her 16th birthday, and when it pulled away, I had to help it by pushing with me feet!! Now tonight she and two friends got pulled over by an unmarked police car and told them to take their bikes to the police station and put their bikes on a dyno machine to test its top speed, now they all did over 30mph and had their bikes impounded at £150 release fee and £20 a day on top. Now I think this is daylight robbery and kids who do everything right ie CBT, Road tax, mot etc, but how are anyone supposed to know if a bike does more than 30mph as also the speedos are alway optermistic, Now my question is, can the machine they use be legal? I mean how does anyone know how correct the machine is, also when they tested the bikes, they were not sat on them, and also surly wind resistence should take into account to the top speed, also I know that that if you was to put a bike on a dyno to test BHP there are so many factors to the reading ie like weather etc, so how can they say it goes too fast?? I know this is proberly the wrong place to post but I have know idea where to post! so appologies if it is, also if anyone knows a good place to go to find out info about this, I would be most grateful. I do think this is daylight robbery, money for nothing, my daughter asked how many bikes they stopped, and the police said they have pulled over loads and 95% failed and where impounded, infact while I was there more bikes where bought in, if you do things right you get charged for it, how many uninsured drivers etc out there? they get chased by the police then get cought then goto court and get let off, like speed cameras on dual cariageways to stop people doing 75 in a 70 limit, but do you see them outside schools??? not on your nelly. right rant over with!
  13. Hi no there isnt enough money to pay it off, that is what the solicitor phoned me up for, hes was saying the only £3000 is available to pay them and was asking me to pay the rest to fr to which i said, I havnt got any money, he said he was going to ring up the land registry people to see if it can get lifted but hes not very hopeful of that happening
  14. Well it seems it will affect the house sale, I have today recieved a phonecall from our solicitors and we cant exchange contracts because there is an interest on the land registry, so it looks like im up the that creek minus a paddle! god doesnt my life get better by the day. I also found out that first response have recorded a fraud on my credit file because I sold the car to a private buyer even though i bought the car through ebay on a private seller and sold the car and the buyer did a search on it to see if there is any finance owing and it came up clear, and surley if they claim it wasnt mine to sell they can reclaim the car back?
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