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  1. Issued on consecutive days. The kerb was dropped to allow easy access to the householders driveway. Both of the driveways were easily accessible. I know this isn't what the contravention is but that is the intention of the dropped kerb. They are not obstructed.
  2. Have received 2 x PCN notices for parking next to a dropped kerb. Had no idea that this was not allowed. I have attached the photos from the first PCN notice so you can see what the score is. The car is parked next to a dropped kerb. You will see from the photos that we took care not to obstruct the persons driveway. When collecting the PCN a member of the public on the street advised that the family which own the house have a disabled daughter and that is why the kerb is there. As you can see the drive is not obstructed. What can I do to appeal against this? £55 x 2 seems very harsh and I am surprised there are no signs warning people not to park there. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/845/12372624.jpg http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/202/82000890.jpg http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/197/98961505.jpg http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/526/97379369.jpg
  3. I dug my heels in on this with Minicredit and today they agreed to close my account with no further action. Awesome.
  4. I took out a minicredit loan earlier this year and it was repaid late. Due to my IVA failing I was struggling to pay creditors and minicredit was delayed. Even though I asked them to remove my continuous card authority (which they refused) the company still took money from my account. Over a period of several weeks they managed to take £200 in £25 pieces which satisfied the original loan and interest. Since then I have been receiving emails from Minicredit and now OPOS saying they want to recover additional penalty fees and interest. I have been fighting this on the basis of the following: - 1.) They refused to remove my card authority when in financial hardship (I advised them of this when I called the office back in April) 2.) During the same phone conversation they refused to negotiate a repayment plan 3.) Continuing refusal to revoke my card authority (I have 60+ emails in relation to this and ultimately my bank removed it) 4.) The original debt has been satisfied after they stole money from my account (as I had tried to revoke my authority) As these companies are not listening to me I suggested that if they want to take it further and are confident they can reclaim this to issue court proceedings which I will vehemently defend. What are the chances of them actually issuing proceedings?
  5. "Speed Credit is a trading name for MCO capital Ltd ( Reg no: 6472855) whose registered address is MCO Capital Ltd 11 Pilgrim Street, London EC4V 6RN"
  6. This company has just had its licence revoked. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-19194632
  7. I had a loan with these guys and was surprised to receive the following email :- --- Dear valued customer, After careful consideration MoneyLender Ltd has decided to cease to offer its services in form of short-term cash loans. MoneyLender was launched to provide responsible lending to people requiring loans up to £500 for 30 days or less. The aim of the business was to offer short-term assistance to people in guaranteed employment to help them pay unexpected bills before their next pay cheque arrived. Effective 26 July we no longer provide any new loans. In addition as a sign of our integrity and commitment to the ideal of responsible lending we will forgive ALL unpaid loans and we will not send any account to any collection agency – rather than adding our customers with extra financial difficulties. Thank you.
  8. Payment plans agreed with Quidsource (froze the debt at £333) Countrywide Payday (froze the debt at £476) Very impressed with the customer service on both of these companies. Minicredit have so far refused to enter into any kind of negotiation for a repayment plan and I have extensive emails to back this up. 247 Moneybox stated that they would only be willing to negotiate for a repayment plan if I made a payment. Explained I could not make any payment now and that I was disappointed they were not willing to discuss the account. Currently working on the others.
  9. Most of minicredits charge is this £5 per attempted transaction. I called the number on their website and said that to avoid the charge they should stop attempting to take money from my card and I revoke my authority. Every attempt I have made for them to revoke my authority has resulted in them saying that my request is not legal as I signed the terms and conditions. The company is a total joke.
  10. To be honest I have already mentioned my situation to most of the providers and the majority are willing to negotiate for a repayment plan. I have sent about 25 emails to Minicredit and just get standard responses saying that I signed the terms and they are what they are. When I point out that the terms are unenforceable its the same old response. I am not worried though. My credit is pretty terrible as it is and I have just over £30k of unsecured debt. Kinda amazes me how I even managed to get so much additional payday loans debt especially when they all shout about "responsible lending".
  11. Sorry about the mess. For some reason the post didnt keep my formatting
  12. Ok well here is my current damage Original Capital Interest Current Balance Quickquid 900 265.50 Payday UK 740 185.00 Quidsource 200 56.00 Moneylender 500 151.50 247 Moneybox 300 117.08 Countrywide Payday 340 136.00 Bongaloans 100 15.00 300.00 Minicredit 150 37.50 611.50 Txtloan 300 51.00 458.80 3530 1014.58 What is the suggested course of action?
  13. As is a common story on this forum I took a number of payday loans and its reached a point where I am constantly rolling over and cannot deal with the burden of the debt anymore. In any case I will go through the providers and attempt to agree repayment plans with them. While I prepare my case I am particularly interested in two aspects that I keep reading on here. There is a general consensus of opinion that people should only pay back the capital and one months interest. Does anyone have an idea what the legal basis for this is? Will it be because the agreements are 30 day fixed term? Additionally I read that I should refuse to pay any late payment or administration charges that are unreasonable. Is this a similar thing to bank charges and any admin charge being proportionate to the actual work involved? I am collating my PDL companies and will post again once its sorted.
  14. stratty

    New Claim

    Hi there, I am thinking about starting credit card claims to get back my charges. Can someone point me to a general guide for letters and the such like that I should be sending to the relevant credit companies? thanks for your help James
  15. Hi there, I owe paypal some money and NCO Europe have been chasing me for this. Today I received a letter that says paypal are willing to accept 75% of the figure which I owe as full and final settlement. Any idea why Paypal would do this ?
  16. Thanks. I will pass on the message. Appreciated
  17. No it was by direct debit. I understand the payments were credited to betfair to be settled later (14 days). It just seems reckless to me that one day you have a credit limit of £20 and the next its thousands. Obviously he is willing to settle the debt but it will not happen overnight. He wondered where he stood legally.
  18. For debts that are with a debt collector I send a dca request to the debt collector? And for credit agreements that are still with the original company I send a cca request to that company? How do I go about all this please Any advice appreciated.
  19. Hello there, A friend of mine had a BT Click and Buy account that was used to fund his betfair account. Now initially it had a limit of £20 per month as it was unverified but after he faxed some documents to BT they upgraded the account to verified and seemingly opened the floodgates on the amount he could use. Consequently an amount of £3370 is now owed to BT Click and Buy. The company to my knowledge are not credit brokers. This £3370 was taken on account to be settled by direct debit after 14 days and we do not believe any credit check was done. My mate cannot pay this at the moment and BT are threatening to transfer the debt to a debt collection agency. If no credit agreement has been signed is it possible to get the amount written off and how would he go about this?
  20. what is this cca and dca people talk of on here? is it requesting some a copy of the original agreement? can someone point me to some templates. thank you
  21. I think I will write to the bank and ask them to review the position and see what comes back. If you dont ask you dont get eh
  22. I already received £1000 from Natwest but have incurred over £1000 in charges again and was wondering if its possible to claim again against the bank?
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