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  1. I did not receive any forms from the TEC, I'm getting very stressed as not sure what to do as I dont want my car taken. I have rang B&S up today and have made an arrangment with them to pay £43.33 a week, as they need it to be paid over 12weeks. But as this is now set up they will not act on the levy tomorrow. Which is lowered my stress levells alot. but I still as for them to sent me an email to confirm. Now I just have to sort out their extra fees they put on the account.
  2. The car is in my husbands name but the car is mine as I use it. The parking offence is mine but because the car is in my husbands name so is the ticket. I didn't know if this made any difference, probably not.
  3. I finally found some information on the council website 5. How much should I pay? Lower rate contraventions are charged at £50 and higher rate contraventions at £70. This penalty charge is reduced by 50% to £25 and £35 respectively, if it is paid not later than the last day of the period of 14 days beginning with the date on which the PCN was served. A full list of the different contraventions and which charging bracket they fall into is available. 6. What if I do not pay and ignore the issuing of the PCN? If you do not pay a PCN within 14 days from the date of issue the discount
  4. Tried to find out about the fees the council charge for the parking fine but could not find anything regarding parking at all. I will have to give them a ring.
  5. I rang the TEC she could not give me much information as the ticket is in my partners name. A warrant of execution has been issued by the council. She is sending me some forms to see if I can appeal against the bailiffs.
  6. Thank you Hallowitch, not having to pay £216 will help alot. If I owe it I will pay it, I just cannot afford to be overcharged. So does that mean I owe £110 for the parking fine and £195.84 for the bailiff fees.
  7. I contacted Bistow & Sutor yesterday to ask for an arrangement saying that the car is in my partners name but the I own the car as I use it the most, but the parking ticket is in my partners name. I also asked to make an arrangment and a breakdown of their charges this was their reply Dear Sir, Re: Outstanding Penalty Charge Notice Owed To Rutland Council Case ID: We write with reference to the above and confirm receipt of your email. With reference to your comments regarding the seized vehicle we require documentary evidence of the transaction of the vehicle.
  8. I have been reading the other thread to get some understanding as what I can do. I will pay the outstanding parking ticket as I probabley owe it and any charges to the bailiff that are due (£521.84 is a lot) but I am not able to do it by Saturday and I cannot be without the car. It is not even worth £521, I live in a very small village with 4 children, 2 are still babies (under 2), so to be without the car would be impossible. Would I be able to pay the council the fine and then try to make an arrangement with the bailiff for the fees. would this stop them taking the car?
  9. I do remember getting a ticket last year, I though I had paid the council, must have not done it. I dont remember any visits or any letters I would have to check. It just seems a lot to pay for a parking ticket. the paperwork I got yesterday says if pay today £512.60 then further down if paid on ? £521.84. I am not able to look now as have 3 small childern at home so will not be able to look until they are in bed.
  10. I need help, I have got myself in a mess again. I have had the bailiffs call yesterday for an unpaid parking ticket. He said that I need to pay now or my car will be taken today. I said that I do not have the money now can I make an arrangment to pay. I was not allow to make an arrangement this was his third visit now and that he if I signed a form of notice of seizure of goods and inventory then he would give me 5 days to pay or he would be back to remove the car. I felt I had to sign the form as I did not have the money to pay which is £521.84 I did not have the chance to read the form.
  11. I received a postcard through the post the other day offering me a Payday loan, with 'online decision in seconds', 'No hassle, no fuss' and if I was lucky enough, 'borrow up to £750'. Payday NOW: Borrow up to £750, no faxing, no fuss! When I read the rest of the card I nearly fell over, the APR rate only being 1845%. I could not believe the rate, I dare not even work out how much I would have to pay back on £750. Has any one been offered a higher rate?
  12. Thanks I think I will, I just a bit annoyed that it has taken them nearly 3 years to say that there is a problem with this loan.
  13. I received a letter a few days ago from a debt collector 'red Debt Collection Services' advising that I owed £1023.71 with Cetelem UK. The letter reads pay up within the next 10 days or we may start bankruptcy proceedings against you. After contacting them it turns out that this is a debt for a sofa that we bought in January 2005. After checking my records I paid this in full in February 2006 by check. I have sent them a letter stating this, but it does not show on my bank statements that the cheque has been cashed. I have contacted the bank for them to confirm this. I just wou
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