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  1. Thanks, i could attach letters if want to see? Any help needed and apreciated
  2. spoke on phone today . They are not sure what is going on at all. The first letter for summary cause (claim 1) does not say final offer or excludes any other claim money put in right after 6 days. Now the second summary cause date is nearing and I have now received a letter claiming that that was a final offer, accept and sign a piece of paper they have now sent or wait till OFT result and get nothing. Their suggestion to me today was to get legal advice . Dont know whether to wait till summary comes up and see what happens from their end as I have till october to accept that payment which
  3. made an offer on first summary cause in a letter 16 th July. never said final and total offer so I asked when I phoned would this stop me serving any other summary causes for the rest. told no so served second summary warrant, court date September and told at moment still going ahead till further notice. Today received a letter claiming that was a final offer in total and need give money back or accept it as is in total payment for all claims. Says if I go to court may lose the lot. Waiting for them to phone back.
  4. thats the reason i asked on the forum. dont trust them. so need advice, can i go through fos after the first summary cause has received an offer? Do i accept the offer? Or do I phone and say fos will be taking over, after phoning fos and finding out? Also they havent asked me to accept a finalm offer, just said money will be in account within 6 days. all help appreciated
  5. thanks will phone bank on monday remind them of future summary causes or fos which i ll need to read up on, and not accept as final payment
  6. yes all the same a/c told by sheriff could only put 1 summary cause per account in at a time thanks for any help
  7. daughter received offer for first summary cause, do i phone and ask them to pay up for other clsaims about to go in or just accept payment and serve the next summary cause. What worrying me is accept this payment and they say that was a final offer allowing no more claims. better to phone the customer services and remind them 2 more claims on way. Or just shut up accept and send next summary cause
  8. Donation sent by paypal. They offered me 75% of claim, so i took it. Now going for credit card at same bank, what is the procedure?
  9. They just phoned from England, summary cause servrd last week on BoS in Edinburgh, but the guy didnt even know that. Said a courtesy call.Spluttered and said he would get all the papers together and phone back. anybody had this phonecall?
  10. Took summary causes to sheriff office today, cost another £32
  11. Court date received . Told now have to get papers served on bank myself, who do I contact, and what are costs?
  12. when do the sheriffs servr the summary cause?
  13. entered 2 summary causes 1 for each account told ok as different claims, hope girl was right. Helped check everything and told me to add a line to form !b that although against company need mention held in local branch and ammount in section 7. What next?
  14. going to lodge court papers today. Lodging 2 summary causes, 1 on each account. Want to know if each account considered seperate or will they add both together and say over the summary cause limit?
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