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  1. tis all cool neo just wanted to be sure you know how it is with some idiots on the net it could have been a faker and the question was all that i could think of to be absolutely sure i had an idea you had been lent on mate i am not throwing any stones/casting any accusations/casting any aspertions as i said didn't think you had done it out of any spite/malice good work fella will pass on this info
  2. right got my lad (he is a webby tech student) to have a look see and this is definitely a server issue he pinged some things and dugg about a bit and has confirmed that it is down to the server comany the above post(if genuine) is from the said hosting company and he is also a user on pc can you confirm your pc user name please paperhat? i am not being funnymate just that this will enable me to calm things down amongst the members/mods/admin regards granby
  3. yeah but we are getting a password and usr request when you go to the forums and it is rejecting even me:?
  4. i have been on the site for a long time in various positions and never ONCE has anyone EVER RECOMMENDED NOT TO PAY A DEBT i have not yet spoken to Stephen but i will sometime tomorrow will get back when i have regards granby
  5. the R H Robert wareing (west derby, Liverpool) has sent a written response to my email i am going down the line of getting him to ask some "serious questions" in the house, to the chancellor of the exchequer about the current situation will post his response letter later and and keep you updated
  6. as was noted someone has put a petition on the p m.s webby but he states that they are "illegal" who ever it was could you please try and edit it to "unlawful" there is also the step of writing to your local mp or going to their surgery's
  7. keep going for now there will be a lot of ppl going to the court if they follow up their threat,(defending all further claims) so costs could be split what i think is needed here is for ALL claimants who get these directions should ask their respective courts to allocate it to this hearing and date
  8. I went to court this morning with my friend who has a claim against barclays. The bank sent a barrister. There were about ten cases being heard at ten then more through the day a total of about 40 - 50 cases - just with barclays. The barrister gave a list of directions and all seven claiments that turned up for the ten slot went in together to see the judge. They have moved the claims to fast track so it can be heard by a higher judge (circuit judge). They have set a date 4/12/07 Barclays will be defending the case - this will mean a precedent will be set locally (Essex) If there is then an appeal this will set a precedent nationally. The claimants were all worried about having to pay costs but the judge said this would be split between the fifty or more cases so it wouldn't be too much! They also expressed concern about having to wait til december and the judge said it would not be any quicker in small claims. The judge really slated the banks for not being prepared (their barrister did not have all the case notes) and for not sorting this out sooner and therefore wasting everybodys time. ha that told barclays! I will keep you informed
  9. Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999.
  10. the banks are now trying a new tack in their defense they have changed their t&c's recently to try to disguise their penalty charges as a "fee for a service" what you have asked for is a copy off the t&c's pertinent to when you opened your acc, then your argument goes:- "but these are not the t&c's i agreed to and have no relevance to my claim" you also have the UTCCR statement "disguising/reconstructing these charges as a fee for a service" or words to that effect hope this helps
  11. ahhhh i see now the curtains have lifted lol many thanks for clarifying for me
  12. sorry if my avatar offended has been removed for me and thank you for that info on hull cases hearing, and what was said in the court. but just to clarify for me you are saying a test case that an English court judge has asked for/allowed, can be heard in a Scottish court ? that is what i am asking tis obvious cag,mse and mike dailly have worked really hard on the hull case's,and i am in NO WAY disparaging these efforts to bring a definitive ruling and possibly an end to the banks penalty charging regime i am just asking a simple question,and asking for a simple answer for a simple person yours respectfully granby
  13. Information on Scottish Association of Law Centres (SALC) | Govan Law Centre, Scotland how are hull claims(English law) going to be ruled upon by Scottish law? google tells me they are not even a true court as per link (or am i showing my ignorance?)
  14. well then IF they don't respond to judgment tis time to :- SEND THE BAILIFF'S IN phone court and ask them about sending in the bailiff's because they are refusing to respond to the judgment handed down if you use this route make sure the bailiff's serve it on your LOCAL BRANCH as the bailiff's cannot serve it on a "registered office" which is their head office
  15. just as i predicted in an earlier post you will be next dolly well done jaster
  16. i was sent the n150 claim was under 5 k i just filled it in and they still put me in the small claims track so nothing to worry about there
  17. ps i also work on another site doing this lol i am helping out here
  18. neither of you are stuffed the judgement can only be sanctioned by a judge you are still on track to get your cash back;)
  19. but fact remains that it (judgment) can only be sanctioned by the judge and we know the history of the banks being given leeway regarding timescales appertaining to the banks
  20. still gets back to if you are posting a letter send next day g/teed if you do this they are marching to your tune(timescale) hope this helps the reason is if you send correspondence by rec Del and there is no one able to sign for it then the banks have to send someone to collect from sorting office and this is usually once a month resulting in a dodge on their behalf next day g/teed is delivered to even a PO box and logged by the postie so no delay and therefore no dodge
  21. are you using a wittness? if not leave blank or tick no
  22. get going on c/bundle then and start phoning them to see if they would like to settle (though they will only settle nearer the court date)
  23. some courts are dispensing with AQ so you may not have to fill one in and directions can mean 2 things 1 what "track" your claim will go on i.e small claims 2"directions hearing, this usually means the case gets transfered to another court(usually the mercantile court) some times the courts lump a load of claims together and transfered them to a court to try an get a "definitive ruling"on these cases but the courts still usually settle before these hearings take place because they do not wish to set foot in court in case they are ordered to disclose their actual costs to return d/d's, s/o's etc as they are only allowed to recoup their "actual liquidated losses"(how much it actually costs them to do this)
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