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  1. Just got a letter from TSB that they are refunding all the PPI plus interest to me which is great news, but I'm now going after M&S HFC Debs this will really help a bundle. Thanks to all you Cagarites that give us the confidence to take these people on. Alanfromderby my hat goes of to you for all the hard work you do. Kind Regards
  2. Hi Customer Care Lloyds TSB Insurance Tredegar Park Newport South Wales NP10 8SB Tel:- 0845 300 5599 Fax:- 01633 468835 Hope this helps.
  3. Hi fairbank Fear really stands for False Evidence Appearing Real most of the things they say they are going to do, are only to get you respond to their unlawful demands. Harassment comes to mind. Steps to take Keep focused Read as many posts as you can, it will start to become much clearer what your rights are. Start dealing with the most important issues first. Do not procrastinate; it can be quite rewarding to know that you can actually fight these people, with the law behind you and the wonderful people on this forum. Do not over indulge in drinking it will only
  4. Had a guaranteed loan from the DTI I was told by two Business managers who came to my house, that I would have to take out PPI to enable me to have this loan. The insurance also would have to be paid in advance out of the loan which was over £2000.00. which they took out of the loan at the beginning of it. I was self employed at the time and diabetic so I have just found out I would not be unable to make a claim, will I be able to claim this back from my bank, was it mis-sold to me. What's the next step it is a Ltd Company but the PPI was a personal insurance a little
  5. If the camera is a fixed camera and is not able to Zoom in on individuals then it still is classed as a general picture. If the camera is focused just on the one person such as working on a cash till, "Failing to inform staff they are being, or can be, monitored can lead to a breakdown in the employment relationship and open companies up to claims, such as constructive dismissal. This is especially true when it comes to CCTV." Covert CCTV monitoring will rarely be justified and should only be used in exceptional circumstances, for example, where criminal activity is suspected.
  6. Due to the Durant-v- Financial Services Authority case the meaning of “personal data” was qualified; this in turn had an effect on the CCTV footage and recordings. If the Camera is taking a general scan of an area, this does not constitute personal data with regards to any of the people that may be present at the time. So these recordings are not available to anyone that requests them unless they have a specific reason for requiring the data, which can be refused if the reason is not precise and necessary i.e. for instance, you were trying to prove you were not guilty of committin
  7. Your employer must display warning signs which state the purpose of why the camer's are there. i.e. for example "Images are being monitered for the purposes of crime prevention and public safety" You must also be informed in writing that camera's are being used and the reason for this, this information should be written within your Terms & Conditions of your contract of employment. You are entitled to have access to the data recorded but only if you personally have a strong reason for it, such as being accused of a wrong doing. Futher information can be found at Informa
  8. The consumer started to get some power which effected the whole corrupt system. The banks were creating all the consumer complaints to OFT so OFT was fed up with the getting all the complaints, and having the courts judging the banks, because the consumer's started to benefit by receiving their hard earned money back, which they paid unlawfully, it all had to stop because we are supposed to pay them, not them pay us. What a cover up Regards kingdom
  9. Hi Goldlady I see you are from Tyneside, I come from Newcastle, Heaton the posh end, nice to talk to you bonnie lass. Kingdom
  10. Just been to court last Thursday,GE Money passed it CL Finance debenhams Card same situation as yours. We won that battle!!! Cl Finance didn't turn up, didn't send any paperwork in, Judge struck it out said they had wasted the courts time. Go after GE money now!!! dont wait till you've dealt with CL Finance, go after your money back now, as CL Finance does not owe you the money GE Money does. CL Finance are only the signee, just wasting your time, also make sure you turn up to court, as they will not, and get their claim stuck out, they are hoping you will not turn up to court
  11. You need all the precribed terms on the agreement that is personal to you for it to be true copy of the document surely apr etc.
  12. Hi Tomturn8 I asked the Judge if I could claim compensation for all the time I had wasted on this case and he said no so what is this term mean.
  13. Hi Angel49 Just been to court yesterday having put a counterclaim against CL Finance, GE Money passed it on, they didn't turn up and had never sent me or the court any paperwork. (Bundle) The Judge struck out the claim and made the remark that it was a complete waste of the courts time. He then told me that if I wanted my money back I have to take GE Money to court and start the whole procedure again as CL Finance are only the assignies and they are not the one's that owe you any monies. Cl Finance had wrote a letter to the court that I had accepted a settlement figure from
  14. In court tomorrow morning have not received any paper work from CL finance, what is the next thing I do if they do not turn up. Please advise urgent
  15. What happened to the thread Limited Company Claims is it no-longer running
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