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  1. Requested my bank statements from the Halifax on-line 10 days ago for the past 3 years, recieved 130 pages of them!!! had loads of fun with my trusty pink highlighter! i cant find the spread sheet where i need to enter all the charges ...can anyone help???? Oh and also each charge just states "charges as notifed" do i need specific details of what each charge was for? i know all of them were for either an unpaid dd/so or unpaid chq????
  2. Thanks Bran, This is quite a daunting experience and ive only just started!! im waiting for a list of my charges and what they were for! they have just applied another 3 to my account today...its driving me mad!! Ive just been made redundant hence to unpaid dd's this month!!
  3. Hi Sean, Im a basic Halifax customer, and im trying to find out if they have closed anyones account after they settled??? :-|
  4. Has anyone had their bank account closed by the Halifax once there claim was settled???? Im worried that due to previous credit history i might not get another account with anyone else????
  5. Hi Lisa, I have just started my proceedings and like you am extremely nervous about the whole thing!!! I emailed the halifax using notes from the templates asking for my statements, they have replied to say that they have "passed this request onto the relevant department"
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