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  1. hi all, just an update... I have sent the prelim. letter off and recieved all the jargon of the investigation taking place, then within a couple of days i got the GOGW offering me £80 of my nearly £330 claim. Looking through your forum i am assuming my next step is to accept this as part offer, but do i still send the full statement of charges with my next letter or should i mark off charges amounting to their £80 and leave the rest as per my last letter? Thank you
  2. thank you for all your support and acknowledgement. maybe they wont take too long sorting out my problems.... where are those flying pigs??? Thanks again.
  3. thank you, thats really helpful. I will send the second letter off monday, and see what they do next! Will keep all posted. Cheers
  4. just seen another similar queiry where abbey waited until second letter, should i follow same advice and keep to my schedule from first letter??
  5. I put in my first Prelim letter to Abbey on Friday last week, and yesterday recieved a letter saying that " an investigation is taking place" annd that i could contact them if not heard anything within four weeks....it came with the complaint form and explained how they were so sorry i was unhappy and how she didnt know what would happen but hoped it would settle any problems i may feel i have with the bank... BORE! So, do i wait for the four weeks to pass or do i stick with the time schedule...???
  6. thanks... appreciate it.... ill keep you posted
  7. i sent my first letter off yesterday, and cc: my branch manager... interesting. I spoke to him about stopping paying for charges until a final decision has been made, and due to my circumstances he said the charges could go to an external debt management service, which therefore means that i would get an easier debt management scheme to help me pay the charges off even if i do fail this process! So for me, it is a win win situation, as i am only following this through as the pay-down scheme abbey have me on is too high for my current income! Thanks for the advice though, but good start for me as thay are already on the back foot offering me further options. Result before i have started in my eyes, as my life will become easier!
  8. hi, i have just sent my first letter off... very new, and getting more scared of the next step... glad i have the support of you guys! I am with Abbey by the way...
  9. :? hi, im claiming off of abbey too, but i am not sure whether i should still pay the charges i am currently being charged or stop until this matter has been resolved.... please help...?
  10. I dont know if anyone else is suffering the same, but as i was going through statements to do the spread sheet for my prelim. letter, i have noticed that are two different charges for the same action... Going overdrawn in one month gave me a charge of 32.00 but that went up to 35.00 in the following months... i never got a letter to advise me charges were increasing, let alone that i had them! Is anyone else finding the same problems, and how can banks have two seperate charges for the same thing?! :evil:
  11. hi there, im a "fight back" beginner, and looking forwards to the prospect of being able to get back charges Abbey claimed they had every right in taking... wish me luck!... im a bit nervous...lol
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