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  1. Well Barclays continue to take the p! They wrote out to me saying I needed a copy of the police report which was prepared following the break-in to my car resulting in the loss of my ipod. I wrote to the relevant police force and they have just rang me back saying Barclays should know THEY have to make the application, under an agreement between the Ass of Chief Police Officers and the Ass of British Insurers. I can apply for the crime report, true, but this costs £10, whereas Barlcays making the application will cost them £75. I've just had another argument with Barlcays c
  2. Thanks again, I've sent a letter (recorded delivery) today stating my case plus that I will take my complaint to FOS if ness. Once this is all sorted I'm cancelling my gadget cover. It's been no use, and the excess goes up by £25 every time you claim.
  3. Yes, it was done over the phone. We got a letter about gadget cover on our joint account, rang up and and arranged it over the phone. I was sent a letter confirming it had been covered, but nothing was mentioned about two years. The excess on my car insurance is £250, so it wasn't worth claiming, plus it's my first policy, so I was hoping to avoid claiming until I had a few years under my belt.
  4. I've just had a claim refused for my ipod which was stolen from my car. Barclays insurance people say it's because my ipod was more than two years old when I registered it for gadget cover. I wasn't asked how old the ipod was when I registered it, I wasn't even told its age would be an issue. The letter refusing the insurance payout says this should be stated in the T&C, but I didn't receive any, just a covering letter, and the electronic version on Barclay's website doesn't work. I intend to appeal - do you think I have a leg to stand on?
  5. despite the fact she submitted her statement and photos 7 days after the deadline the judge allowed her to use them! also the fact that she had no inventory didn't make much difference, the judge simply informed her she should have done one:???: he also didn't take into account that she has never made any contact with us or provide invoices or quotes for any claimed work, she also changed her storey from her defence statement claiming the work had been done to she was waiting to get it done, again overlooked. Makes you wonder why the court sets deadlines or laws are in place. In the en
  6. She has not provide invoices/quotes to the court, she has gave a statement stating that quotations can be provided if required, but she has entered her statement 7 days after the 14 day deadline given by the judge to provide the court and myself with anything that she may wish to use in court
  7. I am at court this Thursdays with my ex landlord who has withheld all of our deposit, but has failed to provide any proof of any work being done. We signed our contract July 06, so we are not protected with a TDS. I remember reading somewhere that under the housing act she is required to provide quotes and proof of the work being done to withhold any part of the deposit. I would like to have this with me in court to quote the correct section, my problem is when searching all i am getting is information about how the new system works. If anybody could point me in the right direction woul
  8. Wish I'd knowing that when we started our small claims case, might have got a default and saved some time lol
  9. Just a couple of quick questions, is a tenancy contract valid if 1, the landlord has not signed the tenants copy? 2, the contact address for the landlord is incorrect (she has left it as the house we rented which she used to live in, not her new address) Thanks
  10. No, my 1st post clearly states " we ended up going down the MCOL route, landlord wasted time and then submitted a defence " indicating court action was under way Did you contact the other party's expert witness because of a direction made by the court? If not, contacting him could amount to contempt of court. The company "The House Doctor" has not been called as an expert witness, She has only submitted a report done by them as her defence response to our claim. We have to submit all witness statements this week, but "The House Doctor" are refusing to give any statements
  11. We have all ready done all the pre court stages and now at the point of going to court on the 29th November.
  12. I've sent the house doctor a letter requesting them to put in writing what they have done etc, but when I rang them the yesterday the guy was refused point blank claiming the any work he has done is between the landlord,the insurance company and them and to give me information was a breach of the DPA. My mate from next door is providing a statement anyway because i had him witness the condition of the house and me lock the doors and post the keys as the landlord did not turn up to hand back the house
  13. UPDATE: The House Doctor has now denied having a conversation and is now claiming not to have done a survey or quotation of the condition we were ment to have left the house in, now they claim only to have reassessed damage from a dishwasher flood 10 months ago :-? This is mainly because they dont want to used as her defence in court. Am sure this can only help my case. (I've also rang the Insurance Fraud Bureau and gave them all the information I had.)
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