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  1. my partner has a ccj and managed to get a flex account with nationwide as her parachute account
  2. damm:mad: the branch said they couldnt get the statement for october 2004 and when i phoned up customer services they said i would have to pay and wait 4-6 weeks, bit of a bummer as im in court in 2 weeks:mad: any suggestions should i ring the department dealing with my claim and admit my loss of statement and ask them:confused:
  3. i would like advice on my abbey claim. in the time trying to get statements the abbey sent me 7 parcels because each time they sent them there was always some missing, i ended up wuth the full 6 years in the end and pursued my claim for £3000. when preparing my court bundle i found 2 errors 1) i seem to have claimed a £20 charge which isnt on a statement 2) i shredded a wrong pile of statements during my shredding of duplicates :eek: however because i had so many duplicates i had every month apart from 1:-D so my bundle is missing a month that im claiming £160 for i have a dire
  4. hello all. this is my first post. my friend is helping me with my claim and so far i have asked for 6 years of charges and sent my prelim letter. so far i have only received 3 years of statements and included an estimated amount for the missing 3 years. however im at the lba stage and i might just go for the 3 years i have and drop the estimated claim. this is because only the last 3 years i have received lots of charges totaling £2770 i still have to do lba so if the statements turn up before moneyclaim/ni form time then i can ammend my figures..
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