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  1. we bought a new property earlier in the year (Halifax mortgage) and Took a new buy to let mortgage ( Birmingham and midshires) on our original property. The transactions were to complete on the 16th March but thanks to the pace of solicitors work didn't actually complete until the 4th April. The first payment to Halifax was supposed to be £830 as per our offer. But when first payment was taken it was actually £990! I called Halifax who said it was because I completed some 2 weeks later than expected. I explained regardless to that fact, I hadn't received any money from them until actual completion so they have effectively charged interest for a period that I hadn't borrowed the money! The guy I spoke agreed and spoke to a manager who disagreed and said a letter would be sent explaining it. No such letter has been received. My mortgage broker says its crap, my solicitor said its crap and I think it must be too. B & m didn't make any extra charges, the first payment was as expected. Best way forward?
  2. Well despite me having "no idea what I'm talking about" (lol) the charges have been returned.
  3. I missed the first payment of £18 (wasn't told when it would be taken out so didn't have money in that account to cover it!) They have sent a letter stating that they are charging a returned payment fee of £30 in line with the terms and conditions of your agreement and the following line states "In addition to this, a default penalty of £15 has been charged to your account in line with the terms and conditions of your agreement"!! lol Are they serious!? its ridiculous really. There is no issue of affordability of the monthly payments, they have since taken that months payment and the following months payment together with the default charges. I took the finance out on some bike stuff to avoid the wife going mental when she saw another large expense on them going out haha but the whole agreement was for only about £490 and they charge nearly 10% on a default. I've written citing unjust enrichment and will await their response but has anyone else had such dealings with them? I know some companies take the mick with default charges but this seems a bit much even for others standards!!
  4. Back in December I had a knock on my door from TV Licensing - after reading these threads I realise now I should have told him to go away but quite honestly I don't really care about the tv license and have no problem paying it except I forgot to respond to the demands. Anyway I set up payments there and then, singed his paperwork after we had been talking about fish for half an hour and he went on his way saying no action would be taken. True enough I received a letter some weeks alter saying thank you for payment no further action will be taken following the field officers visit. yesterday I got a court summons for not having a license between November 2013 and December 2013! I phoned them and they said after speaking to the courts administrator that I should reply to the summons but on the day of the hearing they will apply for an order that stays the prosecution until the next hearing date y which time if I have maintained payments they will withdraw the prosecution. I asked for that in writing but was refused. So what the hell should I do - I assume that the license payments are worked out to cover the period I didn't have a licence so surely I had license, albeit retrospective - does this matter/count/make any difference? Secondly, does the fact that they wrote saying no further action have any bearing - I threw the letter out so have no proof of it! And if it goes to court and they do request a stay or adjournment or whatever am I going to get stuck with costs?
  5. In your case, we have calculated these figures as follows: 1) £87.29 2) £97.87 The total redress therefore amounts to £185.16 and we are offering this amount in Full and final settlement of your complaint.
  6. Well they've come back with an offer of £238.06 which seems about right so I've accepted it and will enjoy the little bonus just before Christmas!
  7. I've responded to HSBC asking them to relook at the redress they are offering to include statutory interest, we'll see what they come back with.
  8. yep, cancelled the PPI in 2006, the card in march 2008.
  9. I've done that but you said use the date the card closed but entered the date the last payment was made?
  10. Thanks for the help. Would the stat interest be charged from the date each payment was made or from date of card closure?
  11. This is the spread sheet I used to work out for what I thought should be owing. Where there is nothing in the description column means that I do not have a statement for that month and that I have guestimated the PPI payment based on previous/following months. it comes out less than what HSBC has worked out, mainly due I think to the increases in interest rates over the cards life which I do not have the information about to check.
  12. really? the monthly payments averaged £4 a month from June 2004 to January 2006 when I cancelled the policy. the card itself was cancelled in March 2008.
  13. I doubt all the papers are necessary, the letter basically said they are upholding the claim and contains no details other than all the blah that goes with them. They enclosed a sheet of how it was calculated which stated: The amount of redress you are due is based on the following elements: 1) A refund of CRP premiums. This is calculated using actual CRP premiums you paid as shown on our electronic records, dating back to 2005. For the period from when your policy commenced until 2005 the refund is based on an average credit card balance calculation. 2) Plus any interest that has been debited to your credit card in respect of these premiums. In your case, we have calculated these figures as follows: 1) £87.29 2) £97.87 The total redress therefore amounts to £185.16 and we are offering this amount in full and final settlement of your complaint. This offer aims to ensure you have not been financially disadvantaged by this matter and is designed to put you back in the position you would have been in had the CRP not been taken out.
  14. Hi there I submitted a claim to HSBC for PPI repayments I made between 2004 and 2006. they have accepted my claim and offered me a settlement for the premiums paid and the interest paid thereon. They're calculations seem to add up for the actual period of the card but shouldn't there be a payment of interest for the period from end of agreement (2008) to todays date?
  15. I have had a notice of correction on there for sometime but the case today proved that they had inaccurate dates regarding the account, as mentioned the judge just said the claim was dismissed and so I dont know whether she agreed with my assertion that the debt did not exist or whether the alternative of the debt being uneforcable held. Presuming it is for unenforcability perhaps I should make a complaint to the Ombudsman about them recording inaccurate data as I can easily substantiate the inaccuracy of the data recorded, especially following this case.
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