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  1. No I wont take it for granted, however the CCA request came back from their "Compliance Officer" who has said that he will contact me again when the Default has been removed. Can't ask for much more at this stage.
  2. Seeing as they didn't follow correct procedure then it was either that or a dealing with complaints to the OFT and ICO.
  3. Well, the CCA request was answered, I received a bundle of papers including the original Ts & Cs from the QuickQuid website and copies of emails they sent. Of course there was no copy of the required letter before Default so I wrote back, pointing this out and have today received a response telling me that they will be asking CallCredit to remove the default from their files and will notify me when this is done. Result.
  4. Any further ideas from anyone? I am sending off a CCA request with regards to the default notice as I never received anything from them......
  5. Do you have any news or update on this? I recently found a default from CashNETUSA/QuickQuid on my CallCredit file, the odd thing is that the date of default and date of settlement are exactly the same and the payment history is up to date until this last entry. I will be sending a CCA request with an additional request for a copy of the default notice as well unless I am advised differently....
  6. ^ Shame that it stays on file for 6 years and not 5 though....
  7. Defaulted & Settled 29.06.09 MH said nothing, they agreed a £50 a month payment plan with a final reduced lump sum settlement which finished around April this year. Default was not from them anyway.
  8. Hi, Finally got my CallCredit report today, 10 days after I signed up online. I found a default that does not appear with Experian or Equifax. I am a little confused as the payments are shown up to date until the last month and then it is shown as a default, with the date of default and settlement exactly the same. It relates to a PayDay loan with QuickQuid that I could not pay back in one go and it was passed to Mackenzie Hall and subsequently settled. My questions are: 1) Can an account go straight to default from a satisfactory history? There are no 1,2 or 3 mo
  9. The numerical score is a random number generated by Experian themselves. Don't waste your money paying for it as lenders have their own criteria.
  10. Never heard of Exerina. Do you mean Experian? In any event the credit "score" that you pay these CRAs for is their own made up figure, it bears no relation to the lenders own scoring procedure.
  11. That would seem to make sense, Reborn. I will be adding those addresses to my profile later to see if it brings up any additional information.
  12. Having the same problem. I think they are only interested in the date of the link itself, not the actual dates that you lived there, with regard to their self imposed 8 year rule.
  13. Same here, I have a linked address on my file that I left in 2000, so it is 10 years since I lived there. It was linked in 2008 so Experian will keep it on file until 2016? Surely any information relating to me would have disappeared from that address in 2006 anyway (6 years after I moved) at the latest....? I am very confused.
  14. I have been trying to get to the bottom of this for ages, a google search provides links back to this website, but to conflicting threads. Does anyone know how long linked addresses remain on file and what information is held at them. For example, my Experian report shows an address that was linked in 2008 that I have not lived at since 2000, therefore any information at that address would be more than 6 years old. I understand that Experian have decided that they will keep linked addresses on file for 8 years, however following this logic, the address will still be on my file 1
  15. Go for the court option and hope that the lazy copper can't be bothered to turn up....?
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