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  1. There will be plenty of this over the coming months, as more people are unable to repay debts, unable to re-mortgage due to property prices falling instead of rising and increased unemployment. As Hceo has stated, he has got out of the industry due to the unpredictability of clients. This is human nature. If the bailiffs are too soft, they don't achieve their targets. After all, it i a necessary evil which has to be done. However, people react in different ways, some put their head in the sand, others feel threatened and choose to strike out. At the end of the day, you should always query costs applied and request a breakdown of your "account" (letters in, letters out, telephone calls, in/out, attendance, travel time etc). Then insist on justification. Bailiffs offer a service to the creditor. You could contact the creditor and ask them why they have sent the heavies around, who are clearly threatening you. Tell them you have recorded all conversations with the bailiff, and you are considering a complaint to the Police for threatening behaviour, and to the DTI as the service provided amounts to thuggery. You can also report the creditor and the bailiff to the FSA / FOS and get them monitored. DO NOT ACCEPT A DEBT UNLESS YOU HAVE JUSTIFICATION THAT YOU ARE LIABLE FOR IT. If the bailiff arrives or threatens you again tell them you are reporting them to the Police. In the interim, make every effort to repay the debt in installments, and keep a log of the payments. This will look good in Court if it ever gets that far. TT Edit: You could also hit the bailiffs with a Subject Access Request which will give you the information and balance provided to them by the creditor. Does anybody know who regulates bailiffs?
  2. Fantastic win. Post #67 shows is a real eyeopener. Are we fighting companies or Special Purpose Vehicles? Well done PS Taffr http://www.goessl-net.de/christoff/FactorPaperGoessl071201.pdf
  3. Sorry I've had a temporary mis-placement (or a couple of them). Do you have a link to your thread? PS Hi to all my friends, update and contact to follow shortly
  4. GM, what is interesting is that I believe the company has been through several name changes, and these are not showing up on Companies House. Can't remember if I included these in previous posts on this thread.
  5. !!! The WebCHeck service is available from Monday to Saturday 7.00am to 12 Midnight UK Time Name & Registered Office: STUDIO CARDS LIMITED BURLEY HOUSE BRADFORD ROAD BURLEY IN WHARFEDALE ILKLEY WEST YORKSHIRE LS29 7DZ Company No. 00672275 Status: Active Date of Incorporation: 11/10/1960 Country of Origin: United Kingdom Company Type: Private Limited Company Nature of Business (SIC(03)): 7499 - Non-trading company Accounting Reference Date: 31/03 Last Accounts Made Up To: 31/03/2007 (DORMANT) Next Accounts Due: 31/01/2009 Last Return Made Up To: 20/07/2008 Next Return Due: 17/08/2009 Last Members List: 20/07/2008 Previous Names:No previous name information has been recorded over the last 20 years.Branch Details There are no branches associated with this company.Oversea Company Info There are no Oversea Details associated with this company.
  6. This will be all the money paid, plus charges, plus interest. Are you sure the company who are sending out the flyers is the same company as the one you took out the contract with? Or are they simply using the same client list, and using STUDIO in their name? Sounds like two seperate legal entities, but cleverly trying to continue the brand name.
  7. I now have further evidence of this [problem]. Has anybody had any similar experiences to the one above? PM me if necessary.
  8. GM. Non-Trading actually has no legal meaning, but means that the company has ceased to actually do business. This does not mean that the company cannot have assets or liabilities, or that it cannot continue to pursue debts. It is, however, likely that the company assets, including the client base, buildings, equipment, staff etc. have been transferred to another company with no liabilities. In this case, the list of bad debtors appears to have been transferred to a DCA, probably sold at a percentage of the actual value, with the DCA now charged to recover as much as possible by bullying and threatening. If they persist with Maggie, a severe letter will be sent to all parties and regulators to have this stopped. In the absence of a CCA, Maggie should now issue a LBA and pursue any monies paid to them, over and above the costs of any actual goods purchased. The main thing here is the STATUS of the company, which is showing as ACTIVE. This means the company can still carry out certain transactions despite being non-trading. If the company status is DORMANT, then the company can only make certain transactions eg. Company filing fees, change of name fees, and cannot generate any income whatsoever. Companies are often declared as non-trading when times are bad, to protect the history, without sending the company under, and allowing time for the assets to be written off the books and transferred. This is the case here, so off to Court we go, unless they refund Maggies money plus interest. Tide Sparkie, very interested in your stance, can you suggest a recovery strategy with up to date templates if possible (these seem to be changing daily, and you seem to have the bit between your teeth at the moment). Please PM me if necessary.
  9. Hi Maggie, Just got in from a late barbecue (taking advantage of the one afternoon of summer we've had this year). Earlier information about Studio being none trading came from Companies House website - Websearch - which is available again in the morning. It is highly likely that your debt has been sold onto these thugs, as part of a batch, or they are simply trying it on with as many accounts as possible to see who bites. Without a CCA, they have no chance of recovery, and as this has been previously requested and they are out of time, they have now commited a criminal offence (Wescot). Any monies paid can be recovered. I will reply in full tomorrow once the salmonella has worn off and I can get access to Companies House. In the meantime, contemplate claiming all of your payments back plus interest (as there is no CCA). Let me know if you need help with the letters. Tide
  10. Let me get this straight. I run a company called CallCredit I receive default information from financial organisations in relation to individuals I do not verify the accuracy of the information I publish / offer the information subject to a fee to others This causes me to break the law It means by company is defaming individuals on a large scale Despite this I AM UNABLE TO REMOVE / CORRECT THE INFORMATION WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE ORIGINAL PROVIDER!! Haven't heard such cr4p since Northern Rock announced they were stable... ...threaten them with Court, and while you're at it, make sure a complaint is fired off to the Information Commissioners Office for every entry. It does not matter where the information came from, the fact is they are breaking the law and causing you damage, the onus lies with them to ensure the information they hold is accurate. BTW - the question must be asked whether it is lawful for them to hold your personal information, and questions asked as to the security of this information, as the leak here appears to be they will provide it to anybody who is prepared to pay for it.
  11. Oops!! Quote: Thisismoney.co.uk 11/08/08 Goldman Sachs has downgraded the UK's biggest credit rating agency, Experian, 5p cheaper at 409⅖p, from neutral to sell and slashed its price from 421p to 375p. Goldman expects Experian's credit-related operations to remain under pressure and that this will spread further across the business as clients become increasingly cautious and price-sensitive. The broker has reduced its 2009 earnings a share forecast by 7% and that for 2010 by 10%. Goldman said unless Experian demonstrated it could sustain growth against a much changed credit environment, it would not return to its post-demerger rating. Maybe somebody is questioning their 'legitimate' business, and the probability of future legal action, libel, defamation and regulatory fines. Jump ship now!! Tide
  12. What's the nearest coach station Bill? Daren't drive - morning after syndrome. Looking forward to your new puppet SG. Bill, maybe an old curtain (if any left) as a backdrop for the show?
  13. LSC Website : CLS news Emergency legal aid schemes for people facing repossession of their homes are to be set up in 20 more county courts with still more court schemes in the pipeline. There are already LSC-funded schemes covering 94 courts around the country. Don't know how much help this would give somebody, but says a bit about the shape of things to come!
  14. LSC Website : CLS news Emergency legal aid schemes for people facing repossession of their homes are to be set up in 20 more county courts with still more court schemes in the pipeline. There are already LSC-funded schemes covering 94 courts around the country. Don't know how much help this would give somebody, but says a bit about the shape of things to come!
  15. Did you tell them you HAD received Solicitors letter, and did they give you any dates? Watch their valuers, you can still appoint your own if you think there is any funny business (selling to their own people). You'll have to leave the consideration of any shortfall until you know what it is. Don't agree to anything before you know your full position. TT
  16. All of the options are now yours Tills. Keep a keen eye on the sale and methods of sale. A worrying thing is there are thousands heading in this direction, and as you've shown, there is virtually no organisation ready to step in and help.. Where rent is concerned, don't commit yourself for too long, rents are set to drop across the board over the coming months, and into next year. Negotiate hard on any rent, and be prepared to walk away if the price isn't dropped, there are record levels of empty lets at the moment, and getting bigger!!
  17. You should now inform them that you consider their procedures for dealing with complaints inadequate, and request confirmation that these procedures are applied to every complaint received, and are indeed 'standard'. Stating that they consider they have done everything possible to address your complaint does not constitute a resolution, unless they can demonstrate they have done everything possible to fully investigate and correct any records which may be inaccurate. Write to the ICO and the OFT, and tell them Experian have refused to investigate fully, and are still pro-actively broadcasting wrongful, defamatory, inaccurate and potentially libellous personal information to third parties without your consent. :-x Disgraceful, Tide PS I am currently considering challenging these companies to provide full evidence of the measures taken to ensure personal information is kept securely and is not made available to the wrong people.
  18. Well done lady, you should have no further dealings with these people on your doorstep. Everything by letter. Contact ME and ask them how they are considering selling the property, and who they intend to instruct to do so. Inform them you are not prepared to deal with any instructed agent on your doorstep, only those appointed by the Court (then inform the Bailiffs that you have taken on board their comments, and you are making plans to vacate on the 1st September). Tell ME that you wish to be informed about their method of sale. You can get the details of any purchaser from the Land Registry site for £3.00. You have a vested interest (still) and therefore you have an interest with any sale / disposal. Tide
  19. 1. Make distress call / take notice of eviction to Council 2. Notify bank of change of address 3. Notify / apply to new school 4. Redirect mail 5. Contact utilities, gas, electricity, telephone, internet, water and close services 6. Take meter readings (photo if possible) 7. Arrange storage 8. Contact Bailiffs, get date of eviction 9. Monitor local EA's for property advertisement 10. Ensure any employee of EA declares an interest in property Any interest by an employee / connected person to the sale of the property must provide details of any interest.
  20. Tills, do you remember the original 'To Do' list? If you are going to relatives, can you start moving some things to storage and inform banks, school etc of your new address. This won't hit you all at once then.
  21. Call me thick, lazy or short of time, but can anybody give a step by step guide to clearing / improving your credit history? Any links to template letters would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance, Tide
  22. Tills, contact the Court and find out what the Notification To Quit (NTQ) period is. I think it's 30 days. Funny about you mentioning your concerns about opening a can of worms at the weekend. Edit - Possibly Notification To Vacate?
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