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  1. Thanks, I never had any problems with late payments or anything until my partner left his job which is what prompted us to seek help from CCCS in the first place. I don't dispute that I owe the money...
  2. Ok thanks Was wondering whether it was something worth looking into. Our DMP is likely to last another 18 months and have mbna, egg and capital one cards on there. I think some of them might have been passed on to DCAs though.
  3. Hi, I am with CCCS and I was just wondering what you meant by unenforcable?
  4. Yeah but the warning letter was dated 1 day before the account closure letter, which came on a Saturday so I don't think they gave us time to ask for help. We gave them a call and explained the situation and they have allowed us to keep the account but cancelled the direct debits so we have to call them when the bills are due to be paid. Of course a lot of companies aren't happy about this so I have moved them to my own account for now.
  5. We moved to co-op bank in January, we have a cashminder account with no overdraft because our credit rating is knackered. We are on a debt management plan with CCCS. We've had a couple of times when stuff went unpaid and this month they've paid the items and let us go overdrawn. Of course they have also charged us £19.50 each time. Each time it was "our" fault - One time I'd forgotten to transfer money from my Co-Op account into the Joint account, the other time I transferred enough to cover bills that I knew were coming out, but my partner took money out or spent on his card without checking with me Yesterday we got a letter saying "please pay in enough to meet all future items... to discuss the matter further or if you are experiencing financial difficulties please phone blah blah blah..." Today we got a letter saying "as your account is not being conducted in a satisfactory matter we no longer wish to retain your banking business. I am therefore giving you 30 days notice of our intention to close your account" We had trouble opening the account with Co-Op in the first place. We got turned down by Barclays and Natwest, I'm worried that we won't be able to get another account! Can they really turn round and change their minds in a day?
  6. Money has gone into the account If any mods read this - can my threads be merged and confirmed "WON"
  7. I'm going to accept. These letters first went off in October. If I had studied the info more carefully I could've got it right and then maybe they wouldn't have quibbled as much. I told my friend about claiming back and he had all his money back in somethign like 3 weeks. Git It will be a big help for our honeymoon. I didn't want it to get to court and them think I was just being greedy, it was an honest mistake. Pooey. Thank you everyone, I will donate when it comes through 8-)
  8. Update: wasn't able to call the court this week because I'm at work during office hours. Got a letter today saying the claim has been stayed for another 3 weeks. to allow us to make a settlement. DG repeated their offer, so I'm going to check how much the charges come to, then add interest and court fees and saying that's how much I'll accept. I think DG's offer is less than my original charges, though I'm not sure. Definitely cocked up with the overdraft interest thing. D'oh. Have claimed for all the overdraft interest but I shouldn't have because I was already overdrawn at times. It's too complicated. I've just added ONLY the charges = £823. 8% interest = 65.84 Court fees = £220 Total £1108.84. DG are offering me approx £1055. Is it worth quibbling over £50 odd quid?
  9. From the guide So if I was already overdrawn I shouldn't have claimed for the full amount interest. I think I only used the simple spreadsheet. :-|
  10. It was Vampiress's spreadsheet. The AQ already has gone - DG's deadline is tomorrow.
  11. After I claimed for the 2nd time in respect of our joint account - they closed the account as they said we weren't operating it within their Ts & Cs because we weren't keeping it in credit. I already had another account open and I think its for the best.
  12. Looking at the letter, I think I have done it wrong. I was charged interest for being overdrawn and I included that in the spreadsheet. They said that only interest applied in respect of the charge would be recoverable, not total overdraft interest. I suppose it's too late now as their AQ is due tomorrow, I may as well see how that pans out. Pooey.
  13. Sorry for the new thread. The letter repeating the offer came today - it does not have a deadline. Had a letter from the court saying they had not submitted their AQ, and that it if it is not submitted by the 23rd then they will throw it out (or something)... so then I would get the money. I'm going to hang on for a couple of days and see what comes from the court.
  14. started a new thread - DG are still arguing. I think I cocked it up somewhere.
  15. DG have responded to my rejection letter, repeating their previous offer. They say: *HSBC will not entertain a claim in respefct of interest applied to your account while it was in a state of overdraft. * We do not believe that your schedule is a true refleftion of overdraft interest applied to the charges. * In addition you seek to recover daily interest at the rate of £0.50 (as suggested by Lateralus) - however in the particulars of claim the interest is 0.36. So... now what do I do? I said before that I though I had messed up and was going to accept their offer but I was advised to hold out for the full amount. Please help! :(
  16. Thank you It does make sense. I will definitely make a donation to the site as well
  17. Using your letter and the 50p a day interest that takes me up to nearly £1800 (£120 court costs then £100 AQ/transfer fee plus 50p a day since filing on the 19th December).
  18. I haven't been able to phone the court yet because I have been late home from work so far this week. Tomorrow I have a day off because of the snow so will call then, will also reject the offer, if you're sure I should hold out for the full amount. Don't want to get left with nothing.
  19. That's fantastic, thank you so much for your help I will call the court and hang on a bit with DG's offer.
  20. I used the spreadsheet that was on google (Vampiress's) I did save it but had a problem getting it to print straight from the web so I copied it into excel. I think it was a good job I did because then it disappered from the google pages. The last few charges do have interest in minus figures. I make it 1550.10 without the court fees or AQ fee. But my copied spreadsheet is now telling me interest rate 18.20%, but DG Solicitors have replied acknowledging the interest claim of 8%. What's a direction draft? Haven't seen that mentioned in the user guide.
  21. OK to clarify post 10 - we have 2 accounts with HSBC and the money we have had refunded so far is from the charges from the joint account. They are actually closing that account now. The money I'm holding out for (amounting to £1550.10) is from my personal account over the last six years. When I added interest to my spreadsheet - that was interest that they charged me. The charges amounted to £1192.51. The 8% is interest on the total sum they have charged me. I have sent off the AQ and sent a cheque for £100 to have it transferred to my local court. It was due on the 30th, I'm pretty sure my partner posted it last week- just had a panic cos he posted 2 letters on Tuesday but they weren't to the court. I'm hoping this gets sorted soon as it will help a lot with our honeymoon.
  22. Oh poo I should've waited before sending back my AQ by the look of it. They have sent me an offer which includes £120 of court costs but I have submitted my AQ and now paid another £100 in court fees. (see other thread).
  23. Even the bit saying I'm asking for interest on the interest I think it's me that cocked up.
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