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  1. A bit late in the day perhaps but I have a preliminary hearing on 19th April (yes, in three days time). So last Wednesday I sent off my letter to the Judge and a Draft Order suggesting what we should do next. When I got home I found I had a letter from Charlie Sparling of Barclays suggesting we should settle up and all the conditions on payment (no admission of wrongdoing, non disclosure, full and final settlement etc.). Anyway, I've since gone through my bank statements and added the extra charges made by the bank since I placed my claim. Should I now phone them and ask for the extra monies? Or just go with the offer? Any help would be appreciated... Thanks
  2. Not sure yet, it seems so far away right now. I'll guess I'll write. I can save a day off from work, then! There's a great example letter around here somewhere. One came up during a search for +preliminary +hearing, which is how I found your post. What about you?
  3. Hey, ALD! That's funny because my preliminary hearing against Barclays at Dartford County Court, is set for 14:00 on 19 April 2007, too! I guess the Judge thinks that no-one from either side will turn up! I had to double-take, as I thought that I had posted your original post! Good luck.
  4. This has just happened to me today (via Moneyclaim) and according to the library they now have another 14 days to enter a defence. If you've done everything correctly then hopefully they will not enter a defence and then in my case I have to ask the court to make a judgement. Not sure what happens if you went throught the court forms rather than online with Moneyclaim. There's always the chance that they will defned the claim and then you'll be going to court. I guess that they do this when you've messed up with your figures and are claiming more than entitled to.
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