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  1. We are looking for some advice quite urgently really as the Abbey has just reduced our overdraft from £2,400 to £50.00. We are on hold regarding reclaiming our bank charges and awaiting a decision as the case has been stayed by the County Court. We stopped using our account with Abbey, but maintained payments each month to stop incurring more charges over the overdraft limit. How would we now stand with the charges that are now going to be incurred as this is a considerable reduction in the overdraft facility and there is no way that we can afford such payments as they now owe us over £3000 in charges. Please could anyone advise us?
  2. Hi Dizzy and Charleyfarley Thanks for your reply, it appears as though the left hand doesn't know what the other is doing at Abbey, 'cos, we are at the stage where we have filed for court proceedings including the AC & Draft Order for Inclusion and now we have to wait because of the OFT and the test case. We did send Abbey a letter to say that the account was in dispute, but we think that we will send them your letter as well. More the merrier we say!! Thanks guys.
  3. Our court case has been stayed and following a telephone call this evening from Abbey, they are now demanding our authorised overdraft to be repaid, we explained that we are waiting for the Test Case to be resolved. We opened a new account with another bank for fear of Abbey "pulling the plug on us back in June, which left an amount in an authorised overdraft, but Abbey are now insisting that we will be put on the credit reference list and that debt collectors will be involved. We informed Abbey when they telephoned that we were hoping to repay the overdraft with any monies that we may get repayed from the bank charges. Could anyone please help? Thanks Steve
  4. Please can anybody help as we have just filed with money claim on-line and noticed that the court which will hear the case will be Northampton county court, is there anyway of having the case heard in our local court in Bournemouth. Also do we need to send our refusal of GOGW with a repeat list of charges and the caculation sheet with 8% attached. Hope someone can advise Thanks Steve O
  5. Thanks for your info, we have tried to input the statement on-line but there seems to be problems with the money on-line website at the moment so we will try again tomorrow Thanks again Steve
  6. Hi all We have just received A GOGW offer from Abbey of £688.00 on a claim for £2,269.45 so now we will let battle commence. We need some help with the N1 claim form on-line because we are finding it very difficult to condense the wording to cover all aspects of their charges into the comments box on-line as the characters have to be 1080 or less covering 24 lines. Also as our account is joint do we claim as a couple on the N1 form. Hope someone can help Thanks Steve
  7. Thanks for the Info regarding a parachute account. I have tried to open one with the HSBC but was refused. I am going to try the Nat West and see if they can give us a basic step account. I have had a bank statement for last month for £ 290.00 for charges and this month we are going to be stuffed. Its nice to see that we are not alone!!! Any suggestions for Bank accounts?
  8. Hi everyone & a Happy New Year. This being my first time on this, and a little unsure of how things go! Here goes......I would like to here from anyone who has encountered any problems regarding the closure of their Abbey account by the bank itself when claiming for unfair charges. I am really concerned that they will automatically pull the plug as soon as they receive the first letter. I am trying to get another bank account set up to be prepared - but I am in a 'catch 22' as I have a CCJ against me and unfortunately a not so good credit history. This all makes me sound like I don't know what, but, I am in the situation now that something has got to be done and would really welcome any suggestions/help from anyone please. My wife and I hope to put in a claim for £2400. Look forward to hearing from you. S & J
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