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  1. Recived 'Notice that acknowledgement of service has been filed' Recived this morning. It says.. The defendant filed an acknowlegdement of service on 10 may 2006 The defendent responded to the claim indicating an intention to defend all of the claim. The defendant has 28 days from the date of the service of the claim form with particulars of claim, or of the particulars of the claim, to file a defence. Im hoping they are still just trying to scare me off!!
  2. Hi Spiceskull, Just completed my Claim Form. Going to take it in in a minute. Oooh its so scary and exciting! Ill keep you updated. THANKS!!! xxxxx
  3. Hi Wirralweb1 Im from the Wirral too! I have recived the letter you are talking about, word for word! im a bit unsure myself as im at the same stage as you really but from speaking to various people it seems natwest will push it till the last minute. I think it seems doubtfull that we will infact have to appear in court. (hopefully) Have you sent in your claim form yet or moneyclaim?
  4. About the Brief details of claim section on the claim form... Spiceskull, you have given me the link to particulars but ive already printed that off to go with the claim form b'cus on the second side of the claim form it asks you to attatch them, so i must have to put something different in the 'brief details of claim' part. Any ideas? Ta x
  5. Just filling in the form to print off now. Can any one give me any tips on what to put in the Brief details of the claim and Value. Some advice on how to word it and what i need to include would be great. Thanks
  6. Hi all! Sorry for not replying, im not on line at the mo and having to use my parents. Spiceskull has helped me now and ive got the spreadsheets sorted. Im not using Moneyclaim b'cus im taking my claim form to my local court. So just gotta fill that in. Keep you posted. Thanks every one!
  7. Hi all. . I still feel really confused about all this and looking at other peoples threads its not going to end n e time soon. I am currently on benefits and dont have to pay court costs, should this mean i would be intitled to legal aid do you think it would be worth me getting a solicitor?
  8. Mines £275.00 Not the largest but still awfull! They are B****** Rnt they!
  9. I havnt got a clue but I have lots of referal charges aswell... I can't find any explanation on them If you find out can you let us know please Thanks
  10. Im sorry if i sound really stupid but im really stuck. Please Help Me!!!! im claiming charges for 2 natwest accounts from dec 03 - dec 05 It was the 14 day deadline last monday and i need to send my claim form in but i cant work out the intrest. Is there any one who is in a similar situation who has cracked it and can advise me? Thanks
  11. Having read something on some one elses thread, it said its difficult to calculate intrest if you have been overdrawn the whole time? Im really confused about adding up all the intrest, would it be better to just apply for the charges? Could any one advise?
  12. Good on ya!!! Im at the same stage as you and had the same 2 letters... and they withdrew the offer i rejected ha ha! Good luck! Keep us posted!
  13. phew! Also .. im confused about how to work out the intrest. Can any one advise? On the spread sheet it says UNPAID CHQ CHARGE and CLEARED TRANSACTION etc ive got unpaid chq chrges etc but not cleared trensaction... ive got ... referal charges ... card misuse and charges that dont have n e thing by them just the date? i dont understand it? am i suposed to type ove the 'in respect of?' thanks
  14. My 1st response from Natwest was the offer and it came from the branch manager. I sent him a letter declining the offer and i have now had this letter back from Stuart Higley (Customer Relations) Thanks you for your letter which has been passed to me for my attention, im sorry you found this offer unacceptable. Consequently the offer is now formally withdrawn. There will be no refund of £2,771 for which you have asked and i note you proposed way forward. I am dissapointed to note you are contemplating legal action, whilst i hope you will feel able to reconsider, should you
  15. Ive been charged a total of £2771.00 between about a year and a half from Natwest. Ive sent them a letter before action. (incidently this was the 1st letter i sent but now realise i shouldnt have sent this one 1st, i think) They have responded with a letter offering me £575.00 as a gesture and for me to agree that it would be final and that i wont give any detials to third parties. I have declined this and the 14 days deadline is monday so going to have to start the court proceedings now! Steph
  16. Hi, im just wondering do you think it could hinder your case appearing on tv if your in persuit of your charges still? My bank have offered me £575. as a gusture and i have said no and the 14 days deadline is monday so im going to have to start court proceedings. I no they must be bothered about me going to the press as they said in their offer, 'Acceptance of this will be final and you will agree to not disclose any of the information to third parties.' Steph
  17. Thanks! Done that now just gotta wait. The 14 days dead line is monday so im gonna have to go and sort out the court proceedings now r'nt I. Im quite nervous now!
  18. I sent the letter to NatWest ' Letter before action' and told them i had calculated £2771.00 in Charges from my 2 accounts. They sent me a letter back saying they dont belive the charges where unlawfull but are willing to give me £400. for one account and £175. for the other and a gesture of goodwill. Obviously i am not going to take this! Not sure now tho.. Do i start court proceedings straight away or send a letter declining their offer?
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