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  1. Daily mirror interview posted on seperate thred by Spiceskull....Fantastic. Nice photo too steph bet the bank managers fuming ! Sorry, didnt read last bit... Id love to have seen their faces when they saw that this morning! I live three doors away from the branch in the picture! Dont think ill be going in there for a while! ha ha
  2. Ha ha ha. Should know by later today if im on 2moro or not. Dont know if ill find out time slot, poss find that out when i get there so unless there is a computor for me in the hotel you will have to watch it.... or tape it! Did you get the Mirror? XXXX
  3. Cringing at that photo! its awfull! Ha ha. Shame they never gave the site address though, Thought they would have. But people can search for it once they are aware it exsists! Thanks SpiceSkull! XX
  4. Of course you can hun!!! Im not going to let all this fame go to my head! XX
  5. Hi guys! Its not tommorrow now b'cus Natwest only called her late today and said they needed a letter from me giving them authority to talk to her about my account. Ive faxed it this evening and she said ill be on Thurs or Fri depending on how quick Natwest are. Ill keep you informed though. Sorry Dave! She has got your number maybe she will call tomorrow? Did Clinton ring you from the Daily Mirror?
  6. Hi Madge! Its quite daunting when you start but its worth it in the end. Just stay focused and dont except anything less than what your owed! They will try to buy you off several times and try every scare tactic in the book, but, You have the power over them remember and they know that. Good luck with it Ask away if you have any probs and we will help and keep us upto date.. Steph x
  7. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Oh Yeah!! Thanks guys. I will be pluging the site! I have been singing its praises to the guy from the Dailly Mirror ( dont forget to buy that wed too) so we should get a good mention in there.. He wants to speak to dave or BF so shud say a bit about the site. The daily Mirror was soo funny! They sent a photographer down an i live near a Natwest branch and he had me posing outside it!! It was after closing time and then the manager came out an locked up, he looked at us and the photograper said 'its ok im just taking a few photos
  8. Hi, I am going to start my claim in a few weeks when i come back of my holls but just wanted to check.. Is Clydesdale Bank the same as CFS? (clydesdale financial services) Its an account for a HP i got a few years ago. Has any one been succesfull and can share a few tips? Thanks, Steph xx
  9. Hi, Dont want to hyjack this thread so have a nose at mine its nicely titled.. Im on gmty!!! Ha ha ha. Im in the daily Mirror on Wed and i think they want me on the show Wed cus it will be in the news.
  10. Thanks Karnevil!! I have spoken to Dave but i need to speak to him again and his mail box is full! Not sure what time yet kydcarmen. A lady called me from gmtv and asked me to email her my corresponce with Natwest but the email wouldnt send so she gave me a fax number and that wouldnt work. I dont like her to be honest she seems a bit rude. When she was asking about my story she could't quite grasp why they where paying me the money.. We got there in the end. Has she been living in a cupboard???? How can she not know anything about it? Any way she asked
  11. Hi, Im going to be in the Daily Mirror on Wednesday and now gmtv have asked me to be 'on the sofa' Wed too! Been trying to get in touch with Dave or Bankfodder so if you could pm me or email me guys.. Thanks Steph x
  12. Thanks for you suggestions guys! Spoke to the guy in Spain and he said he thinks the pool will be ok by the time we get there, although he cant gurantee.. Just have to keep r fingers crossed hey. Steph x
  13. Hi, Im going to be in the Daily Mirror on Wednesday and now gmtv have asked me to be 'on the sofa' Wed too! Been trying to get in touch with Dave or Bankfodder so if you could pm me or email me guys.. Thanks Steph x
  14. I agree with Karnevil. I do not know him personally but he has been lovely and extremelly patient with me. If he has upset you in some way im sure it wasnt intentional and think you should have spoke to him about it instead of talking about him in my post.
  15. Final update.... Sent Corbbetts letter to say i accept their offer of full settlement but do not agree to confidentiality... Recived letter a week later .. Our client agrees Woohooo! Look out for me in the Daily Mirror next week!
  16. Thanks for all your messages! Its inspiring when you read about people winning isnt it, I never belived that i would actually get my money back till i saw my cheque tho. I imagine most of you know about this but i saw in the daily mail earlia this week that certain cases are being frozen and they are going to sort this whole thing out with one big court case that will decide if the banks win or not, saves hundreds if not thousands of small claims going on. All the best everyone! Im off to buy a new car wednesday when my cheque clears ha ha! ......Im after a Ford Focus
  17. I won Steter!!!!! Recived a cheque for full amount yesterday! You should be next hun! Heres my link if you wana c http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/natwest-bank/4797-stephanie-natwest-i-i.html GOOD LUCK!
  18. Oh my god! I cant belive it! Im soooo excited! Letter arrived today from Cobbetts with my cheque for 3,702.94!!!! They say ... Although our client maintains its position as stated in our letter of 23 june, and is confident that it will be succesful at afinal hearing, its leagal fees will almost certainly outweigh the value of the claim, and, as such, our client must take a commercial approach to such claim, and, as such, our client must take a commercial approach to such claims. Accordingly, without any admission of liability, our client is prepared to settle this matt
  19. OOOOh i hope sp Jhh!!! Fingers crossed Steter, Good luck! Keep us posted, ill update my thread if a hear n e thin an send u a message xx
  20. Saturday! The letter is dated the 7th July. When did you get yours?
  21. We booked for our party of 20 ages agowith Villa Service dot com, its a collection of 20 villas/houses with a swimming pool to share. Recived a letter this morning .. Due to an electrical proble we will ahve to escevate the garden areas surrounding the pool. This means the pool might be out of use during your stay. We cannot give you a start or finish date of work yeat or the length of time it will take. You have to options 1. take 20% discount 2. cancle and recive full refund. Obvously we cant cancle as it is too short notice to accomodate 20 people and we h
  22. Oh dear, myself and my party of 20 are flying with ryan air in 4 weeks! Hopefully it will be ok! Fingers crossed.
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