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  1. Hi Guys Great site I have just received a PCN from Kingston Upon Thames for a parking contravention from 23rd December 2010 This is almost three months ago?? I have looked online at the place that they say I commited the alleged contravention. It is a 02J offence I do not remember what was happening back then to know if I was parked in the worng place? What is the best was to appeal this?? Can i do it on the grounds it took 3 months to come through or shoul I ask for evidence Are there templates that I can you to appeal this I need all the advi
  2. Yes I did do what thye said. Foolishly I was tring to be considerate as the road is used by Buses so was trying to create more space for them to pass. Any way out?
  3. Hi Guys Geat site I got a ticket through the post today saying:- The London Borough of Hounslow beleives that a penalty charge is payable in relation to the above vehicle on the grounds of the following alleged parking contravention: (62) Parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway. Date of Contravention 16/01/2011 Time: 17:01:00 Location: Bear Road Observed by camera operator: 449 What if any grounds do i have to challenge this ticket. Thanks in advance.
  4. Some insurance companies are very unfriendly when it comes to points on your licence. I do not see how you having a child makes any difference to the insurance and within my role at an insurance company we were never told to ask this question or anything to do with children.
  5. The claim amounts are large and none of the documents that I have say they are on the small claims track, one is over 8000 the other over 4000 They are trying to charge over 1000 pounds for work thy say they have already done on the two cases. We had dates for both cases and were awaiting court I need to know if this is a fair figure or if they are trying to take advantage of me and my friend Any advise is welcome
  6. I started a case for a friend of mine to help him reclaim his bank charges but when i made the aplication i put myself as the claimaint as he is currently working abroad. I now realise that this was the wrong thing to do and have recieved a letter from Martineau Johnson teling me that:- "unless you agree to withdraw the claim our instructions are to attend the hearings and request that the claims are struck out. We shall also requst an Order for costs against you in respect of each claim and believe that we shall be successful." so I withdrew the claim thinking that this would re
  7. Could some one help me with a querie i have. I understand that the rules that apply to traffic wardens say that they have to be wearing all the proper uniform and that includes a hat. If they are not then the ticket becomes invalid. I was wondering if the same applied for train ticket inspectors. If anyone knows the answer or knows of somewhere i could find this information then please let me know thanks in advance
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