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  1. Very pleased, seeing as I get a second bite at the apple and all. My second amended claim deals with the unlawful default, and damages for harassment. Totalling some £4000.
  2. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/payment-protection-insurance-ppi/166500-darftblerk-halifax.html
  3. My advice: Ignore what the school is telling you, and look after your child and your family. The link to the relevant site relating to the fines etc contains many uses of the words 'may', could' and 'have the authority to'. Nothing says 'You will be fined', and if you are fined it'll be after a court decision. No judge in the land is going to impose a fine on you after reading the reason for taking your child out of school. Stick 2 finger up to busy bodies at the school.
  4. Just got back from court with Halifax regarding PPI. Although I wanted payment in restitution, the Judge didn't award it. He gave me 8% statutory interest instead, which amounted to 212, and then awarded me costs of 300, so a nice little win. The judge also gave me permission to ammend my claim as I'd sought damages for credit history, and unfair charges relating to over limit fees. He's given me until 7th April to submit these, and there will be no ammendment or court charge. So it looks like he wants me to claim damages as well.
  5. No, I started a thread, but have kept most of the dealings off-list. I've heard some stories regarding the defendant being lurkers who may attempt to gleen an advantgae by poking around the forums. I'll post back tomorrow night.
  6. Mrs A Foreskin wrote the same letter to me, with a very similar copy of what is essentially an application form, with the T&C's in a seperate document that was not connected to the first. I've now ignored them for about 6 months after sending a letter outlining the fact that it wasn't enforceable. I've heard nothing since apart from the usual round of threatening letters from DCA's (Wescot). Lets be honest here, if they had a legally enforcable agreement, they'd send it. They wouldn't send something they'd created on the office photocopier, only to save the real thing for court
  7. I feel that if we do lose, we may end up with a situation similar to the poll tax revolt. I for one, will not be responding in any way shape or form to any banks that come knocking at my door. They can chase all they wish, but will hvae to now go through the courts and deal with me in the same way I have dealt with them. And they can be assured that any court claim will be subjected to every legal hold / appeal that I can find. I'd rather spend the money on defending a court case than paying off the debt now. If it all goes wrong, I'll be moving abroad
  8. Can anybody on here have a look at a witness statement for me? Apart from the witness statement, what else do I have to include it the bundle. The Defendant has already admitted that they owe me the money, we're just arguing over compound interest on the amount! I'm finding it difficult to find supporting legislation on claiming compount interest. Any ideas anyone?
  9. Just bumping this thread up. Does anybody have any place to start for me with regards to a court bundle for this case? How do I go about putting the bundle together. Should I follow the same format of layout for Bank Charges? I can only see that I need to include information regardikng renumeration i.e. claiming back the amount + compund interest that is contained elsewhere in this forums. How do I go about claiming anything else. The amount to be returned by Halifax would remove the reason for the default on my account. can I include this within the claim particulars an
  10. The Judge has set a hearing date of 26th February. Bring it on Halifax. I'll also make a suggestion that I'd like compensation as the negative credit I'm experiencing is directly related to these charges. Hopefully the Judge will have had a good Xmas and be a friendly and understanding fellow.
  11. I have a current claim against Barclays that is on hold. I can answer yes to both questions, but I have sought legal aid for the case I have, just paid the CC fees and filed it.
  12. Got the defence from Halifax today. Firstly they claim that Halifax no longer exists, and so the judge should strike out the claim. They're saying it should have been bought against HBOS???? I'm sure I opened the account with Halifax? Secondly, they're claiming that they have repaid my PPI plus the interest totalling 580 quid. How have they calculated 110 pounds interest on 470 over 6 years? I applied compound interest to this amount and got closer to 1200. Surely if they've taken an amount of money from me, the interest on that amount was added to the balance of my account and cha
  13. I filed against Halifax CC on October 1st regarding PPI on a credit card with them. The PPI charges come to 470, but the compound interest is over 1200 The very unique thing about this is that I never signed up for PPI on the credit card. I've SAR'd Halifax, they sent me a copy of the application for (note: no CCA exists), and no PPI was signed for. They've already been requested refund, they offered my a paltry sum. I refused and they sent a fob off letter explaining that they'd be coming forward with an offer. This was 2 months ago. I've run out of patience now, so have fi
  14. Thi spage doesn't count for much, it's just an application form and would not hold any weigh tin court. It simply shows that a card was applied for, it doens't signify that and agreement was entered into. If your son has signed seperate pages, these will be the signifcant ones, as these may actually form part of the CCA. The group woul dneed to see these. When was the form signed (Date?)
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