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  1. Just a little help please. I understood that I could also reclaim charges made by the bank (Lloyds TSB) on my limited company bank account. However they have told me that limited companies do not fall under the Data Protection Act so if I still want my statements it is £5.00 per sheet. Well I am not going to pay that and I only asked for the statements if they could not provide a printout of the charges and dates for the last 4 years (that is the period that the company has been trading, only a small company with myself and my wife). Can someone please confirm that a Limited Company does fall
  2. Thanks for reply, I'll call her today. We will see what she says
  3. Thanks for your reply, they had 42 days then a further 7 days but nothing arrives. I then sent the letter claiming and scheduling the charges i was reclaiming and now she telpehones me twice and leaves message asking me to call her to discuss my correspondence - that is my quandory because I want everything in writing, but I suppose that I can ask her to put anything we discuss in writing. Thanks again
  4. I have sent the templeate letters to my manager at Lloyds TSB asking for data - no reply. As I am a polite person, I wrote again giving another 7 days - no reply. I have now sent the demand that they repay all my charges and have detailed in full all the charges and now my manager has telephoned me twice asking me to call her back. Because of other issues regarding non reply to letters, I feel that they should write back to me to answer my requests. It may be that they write back and refuse my request, but I feel that as I wrote to them, they should write back to me because otherwise i hav eno
  5. I applied to my Limited Conmpany's bank asking them to supply me with a complete list of transactions and charges relating to my banking history over the last six years with their organisation. Alternatively, I asked for a complete set of statements for that period will be acceptable. My Bank Manager has just telephoned me to say that if they supply me with statements it will cost me £5.00 per statement sheet. I pointed out that I only asked for statements if they could not provide me with a list of transactions. They are going to come back to me she said. What a surprise that they relephone a
  6. Just received an offer of a £342 refund from Capital One against a claim for unfair charges of over £1,100. They say they are prepared to make this offer because they now charge only £12.00 after the OFT ruling this year. My claim goes back to 2003 and there has never been a £12.00 charge showing on my account, only th e£20.00 Penalty Charges. Should this be considered a fair offer? What have other members done? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Hi everyone, I was new to this a few weeks ago, but I decided to go after the money men. Currently chasing Lloyds TSB, Capital One, and Leapfrog Day Nurseries. About to start on Halifax, HFC and Black Horse. May need some help so will post any questions and update you on progress. Wishing everyone success in their claims
  8. Thanks for your reply, I thought or hoped that I would be able to chase them, watch this space UK
  9. Yes, the bank did charge as well and I am currently going through the same procedure with them. Thamks for your help! I will see how I get on. UK
  10. A local Day Nursery (although part of a nationwide group of nurseries) has charged me £35.00 each time a Direct Debit failed or a cheque bounced. Can I claim in th esame way from them as I am doing with the Banks, Credit Card and Loan Companies. I really would like to nail them because of their attitude.
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