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  1. I post here in the hope someone can help. I am at my wits end For some time, I have been fighting a bullying/harassment claim against my boss. I am due to attend an industrial tribunal soon. Without going into specifics I believe I have been singled out by my immediate boss for a number of factors. I would not have pursued my case thus far, if i did not believe i was in the right. All previous attempts at reconciliation - of which i was only too willing to attend have failed thus far - have involved me repeatedly being questioned as dates times etc as to when i felt I was be
  2. saw this in my local paper. You Could Be Framed - Londonderry Today seems like one step too far. Are they legal? Has anyone been caught by these?
  3. morning all, i have spent some time reading threads on this site and hence have started the quest for renumerationfrom the Halifax. i recieved a letter from them yesterday in response to my request for statements dating back over the past 4 years. lo and behold they want £5 per statement. i am currently in the process of reading about the Subject Access Request and intend to get a letter off shortly. many thanks to all for the valuable info on this site. I ll keep u posted how i get on
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