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  1. I ordered it about 2 weeks ago, received it 2 days later. Tried unsuccessfully to call the shop and sent it back a week ago special delivery. Had no contact from the shop until I sent a text message to the owner today.
  2. I paid with debit card and it was £140. Dont think I took any photos! Surely I should be covered under the Consumer Contracts Regulations? Whether it was faulty or not I'm entitled to a refund anyway?
  3. Hi. I bought an expensive designer dress online from a small shop in Northern Ireland. The dress arrived and when I went to try it on, I noticed a lot of loose threads and a lot of the sequins were falling off it. I took it to a seamstress who said that there was nothing she could do with it because it looked like cheap Chinese rubbish. After numerous unanswered calls to the shop I returned it with a covering letter asking for a full refund. The shop replied by saying that the dress was sent out in perfect condition and could be returned to me but a refund would not be happening. Where do I go from here? Many thanks in advance, Leighanne.
  4. Hi all, recieved a default notice from these clowns today. It doesnt say where the debt originated and I dont recognise it. It doesnt even appear on my credit files! So can they do this, I mean put a default on your file. Also, what can I do to stop them doing this? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi. Not been on in a while - busy with work. Just about to send off my SAR to get all the figures I need. Just wondering how it is still possible to reclaim the charges etc when I thought that had all stopped?
  6. What about all the charges for letters and late payments etc? Can I still claim for them or has that opportunity passed?
  7. Just had a great idea! I had one car agreement with them from 2001 to 2003, paid in full. One car agreement noted above. And one personal loan which I never paid in full and which they never cHased me for. On these agreements I was sold PPI even though I was self employed! How about I claim this PPI back with interest charged at the rate they were charging me? Compound interest of 39.9% over ten or so years is bound to come to a fair bit, maybe even enough to pay off what I owe them?
  8. Ok, I've read the thing about what the SOs will do if I don't respond. I don't own my home, have no savings, no assets, nothing! According to the literature, the only thing worth their while doing is going for sequestration, but even then I don't have anything for them to sell to pay the debt! I've had many charges for payment over the years for non payment of council tax and they have NEVER followed them through, so why would this one be any different? Would I be better just ignoring it in my situation? Really appreciating your help and your views by the way!
  9. I have a lot of other unsecured debts probably amounting to £25k all because of past gambling problems. I am seriously thinking about going bankrupt!
  10. Thanks. What do you think they will do now that they have issued the charge for money?
  11. I don't have a copy unfortunately! Would I be able to get a copy from the court?
  12. Thanks for that. That's what I thought, about the 8%. I think they are charging interest at the rate I was paying during the agreement. That's a bit naughty is it not? Do you think they will go down the road of trying to make me bankrupt? I'm self employed so they can't arrest wages. I don't have any savings so freezing bank accounts isnt an option. I don't have any assets they can attach. Also, what can I do about them trying to charge me all that interest? Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi all. Hopefully someone could help me here. 4 years ago I was taken to court by a car finance company. I offered to pay the money back, about £3000 or so, at £30 per week. This was accepted by them and they received a decree from the court. I didn't keep up the payments for long and the company never chased me for the debt. It is now 4 years down the line and I received a charge for money from sheriffs officers today looking for the original debt, their expenses, and also £4000 interest, almost £3 per day! Are they allowed to charge all this interest, especially when they haven't actually tried to chase the debt in all this time? Any help gratefully received!
  14. Hi all, Posting this on behalf of my mother-in-law. Firstly, she is off sick from work in a pub and the owner has demanded that she attend a disciplinary meeting tomorrow (1 days notice), and has said that if she doesn`t attend, a decision will be made in her abscence. Can the owner do this? Also, she is owed 24 hours in pay from last November which the owner has refused to pay, stating that she can`t afford to pay her. Can my mother-in-law take her to the small claims court to get her to pay? Many thanks in advance.
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