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  1. So if I go to them and say I have this new job and don't want to come back they will still give me my backpay but I will leave on bad terms due to not being able to work my notice?
  2. Ok guys I think I need help again - My appeal has been upheld and I have been offered my position back with the company. However in the mean time (I was fired 4 weeks ago after all) I have found new employment. What am I entitled to with regards to the time I've been "fired" in back wages, if anything, and what happens to any notice period I was previously bound to by the company? Do I have to accept their offer to be entitled to any of this?
  3. Ok so I have been dismissed from my job, going to appeal now. Any advice welcome. There is both a social media and a security policy that I was briefed on. The only mitigating circumstance was the death of my mother the week previous, I was in a pretty ****ed up state but didn't ask for additional time off. The person I let in unauthorised was my girlfriend, we had lunch in the staff canteen area.
  4. I contacted my manager (not the one holding the disciplinary) and he was far nicer about getting things rearranged for me So seems to be sorted for now.
  5. The main issue I have is two of the people I would ask to come to me with something like this also replied to my Facebook post. As they have been interviewed for the same issue they are involved and so not suitable to be a companion. I asked easily 5 or 6 people over the weekend to accompany me to this and nobody was free or able to get time off (wonderfully I am a relief member of staff who would normally cover time out of the shop like this but heh I'm suspended). I know that I am allowed to ask for a rescheduling if I cannot get someone to accompany me, even the letter from the company s
  6. I phoned up to get the date rearranged as my chosen companion couldn't attend. Called on the Sunday and got the managers answer phone, so left a message. Called AM on the Monday (for a tuesday PM meeting, so more than 24 hours notice) and was told it wasn't possible to rearrange it. Feel like this is something I should ask to have noted in the minutes of the meeting tomorrow.
  7. Have been in the job just over a year, though have worked for the company before for 2 years previously (left on good terms from last period of employment) Posted about work on facebook and let someone into the staff area without permission. Both constitute gross misconduct under company rules. I was suspended on the 30th August on full pay. Have had 2 investigatory meetings since. I am not in a union. Getting a copy of them all, had 2 sent to me waiting on third. Will not attend disciplinary if they do not arrive before (meeting is on Tuesday) Will be taking a colleague with me
  8. It was very recently, as I said I haven't lived at this location for over 6 years. And the change was only done in August of this year.
  9. I was suspended approximately 3 weeks ago regarding a matter of gross misconduct at my work, I have since been to two investigatory meetings and in these letters it was clearly stated that the matter being investigated was that of gross misconduct. Today I received my invitation to disciplinary which states that I am to attend a disciplinary to "review my poor performance" and that "one of the outcomes of this meeting could be that a decision is taken to issue you with a formal warning". Now doing a little research I believe that for formal disciplinary procedures companies need to inf
  10. For reference this issue is occurring in Scotland. I have council tax bills including 3 from 2006/2007/2008 which I didn't pay. They went to sheriffs officers, I moved house and they lost contact - recently contacted them in an attempt to settle up old debt. Paying these bills off now and have a payment plan setup with the sheriffs officers to do so. Bills have around £1,500 remaining from about £3,000 total. I received a letter earlier in the week telling me that the bills for these years had changed due to "Change in Tax Band". Turns out there was some work done to the property
  11. Small update - I have been given a finish date of the 1st of February which is when the new cleaning company starts. The cleaners that currently work for the company are being transferred to the new cleaning company because they have a cleaning contract, but as I do not have a contract for cleaning I will have to apply for the job. If I do not get it then I will be taking a £300 a month cut in my wages and am apparently entitled to no compensation for this. Surely this cannot be right!
  12. I feel I should mention, after a small amount of research, that my employment is in Scotland. That seems to make a big difference in contract law.
  13. I currently work as a manager in a large retail store and have been doing the cleaning as part of my job for the past 15 years. I am still working for the company as a manager, however they have recently employed a separate company to take on cleaning duties in all shops. Some Cleaners who were employed by the company are being re-employed by the cleaning company to continue the job that they were doing, however myself and many of my colleagues who work for the company in other roles are losing our cleaning supplement and being replaced. Despite being paid under a separate section of monthly p
  14. Yeh well its only part won, still got the bank accounts to get back, thats another 2k if I get them. Gotta wait on that ****ing hold action tho
  15. I misread their letter. It says "I have arranged for a refund of £877.00. This constitutes a full refund of charges applied to the account over the past six years, together with £224.39 in interest calculated at the statutory rate of 8%." This to me reads as "The £224.39 is included in our offer of £877.00" but it appears this was not the case. I hold in my hand a cheque for £1101.39, which when you consider my initial claim was £1222.82 and I didnt have to do anything courtwise is a pretty good result.
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