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  1. I'm off to the town hall tomorrow, armed with forms, letters receipts, and proof of phone calls to the housing office. It's gone beyond a joke now. I am going to claim HB on CTC and CH. The MP's assistant just called to tell me that the letter Atos said they were sending him to update my current status has not arrived, what a surprise.
  2. I thought about making a new claim for housing benefit and I will. And you are right I recall taxi mentioned.
  3. I regularly gave my housing offficer an update of my situation, however, Atos never put anything in writing. I've made a spreadsheet logging the name, date and time of call to Atos, somedays I'm on hold for 59 minutes, I hang up and try, try again, in case I need to show the judge that I have done everything I can to help myself when I attend court next month.
  4. I didn't fail to attend, I contacted Atos with my mobility issues. They were to arrange transport to take me. First contacted MP in Jan, Atos told him I was in a "loop", he has been trying to help for me, the letter Atos supposed to have sent him went to an address in the sky along with my GP's letter. My GP has never had a letter from Atos. Yesterday I called my MP, he could not beleive I'm still waiting, he is going to give this matter more wellie. I have lived on CTC and CB, I've paid my water, gas, electric, other bill and food, I have borrowed money from my parents for Christmas, t
  5. I was on income support until my children turned 15. I was put on jobseeker. I have MS and was transferred to ESA. I dont know why I was taken off ESA, my GP gave me sick notes every 4 weeks. My GP gave DWP a letter to say I could not travel 20 miles using 3 buses and a train for the medical, so DWP said they would arrange transport, nothing was arranged and now I have lost housing, council tax exemption and money. Yesterday I was told by my housing officer that I would still be liable for court cost if and when ESA start up again.
  6. They took me off ESA last Sept, therefore I lost my housing and council tax. I have survived on Child tax credits and child benefit right through cold weather and borrowed for Christmas. Atos says I'm one of at least 2000 people waiting to be seen. I have been waiting 7 months for Atos to assess me. Am I being unreasonable. Anyway I'm in court for rent arrears 2 days before I go into hospital. Hope I get a nice judge, in the meantime I've asked my MP to give Atos a hard nudge, it not a joke anymore.
  7. Walk past any Debenhams and you'll see 50,60 or even 70% off blue cross sale. I go to furniture and clearly a red sales add says an extra 10% off. "Today you pay £351.00". I look for an assistant who says yes the price is correct, I say, yes I'll have it. The assistant calls for stock and then would you know, the price is £1400. I argue for 10 minutes, I ask for the actual sales add, no, he said, I take a picture of it which I will send to Trading Standards tomorrow. I felt the staff had dealt with this misleading customer prices palava before as they were so very well prepared with
  8. Perhaps its not law, I refer to Consumer Protection from Unfair Tradings Regulations 2008 which their action does beach, I really felt I was not the first to have been mislead, staff were so cocky, but never rude, just over polite, yes madam, sorry madam, see you again madam.
  9. At the checkout the price was confirmed at £1400.00 it was advertised for £351.00, the sale price was not removed,I did ask for the sale banner, of course he said no, however we took a picture of it, the next day the reduced price was removed. I saw the manager and quoted the 2008 law Debenhams had broken, he just said thank you madam, good day madam, so damn annoying.
  10. Last Sept I was taken off esa, I have been waiting for ATOS to assess. I call ATOS every day and they fob me off, either there waiting for my GP's reply or my response to a fictional question they never sent, however I have received nothing from ATOS, they are so rude, one time I asked how long will it take for them to see me, how long is a piece of string was their answer. I have been in touch with Citizens Advice and my MP as my housing benefit stopped. Even my MP can't hurry ATOS along he was told I am stuck in the system, the situation is dire, I am facing eviction. What else can I do.
  11. Just read the sad news RIP Martin you will be missed.
  12. Debenhams advertised a dining set in store at a reduced price but would not sell it me at that price. I have liased with their head office but they sorry it was a mistake as they never mislead customers. I took a picture of the sale add, still nothing, I have reported Debenhams to Trading Standards as I'm sure this practice is against some law, isn't it? I have to call Trading Standards with more info tomorrow any advice would help. Thanks
  13. I have RW's banking details and have set up a standing order, I sent them an email to confirm or object etc within 7 days. Thanks anyway.
  14. The account was a bank overdraft. I had an agreement with the bank to pay it back monthly which I did for 3 years. I never missed a payment, however without warning, the bank closed my account and the standing order payment was returned. I still have just over £1000 to pay, I guess £20 a month was not quick enough for them. I am unemployed, have MS and housebound. I would like to set up a standing order to Robinson Way Ltd. Help please.
  15. :mad2:I am not desputing the fact I owe my bank and wish to pay them back, however, my bank has forwarded my debt to RW, I called them to set up a standing order to pay them, they said this method of payment is not excepted by them. If anyone has their bank details I could set up the mandate myself. Thanks
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