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  1. they asked me for £10 at the perlim stage also by phone i asked for them to put this in writing witch they did not do but they did send me a cheque for £10 with a compliemt slip but no explantion
  2. hi all just taken in perliminary approach letter Y/B as asked for £10 to deal with letter and send it on. is this right?
  3. hi i sent my first letter to get statements and i recived them 3 weeks later now im looking at the spread sheet and im a little confused does it calculate with out intrest as at this stage im not sure if i need to be calculating the intrest:confused:
  4. hi im trying to claim £2934 back from the yorkshire bank can i send my original statements with my request for repayment then ask for the statements to be returned as i have no way of copying them
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