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  1. I have a creditcard in dispute and they passed my details to a debt collection agency. I didn't give them permission to give my details to a third party and telephoned them and told them so. This is a sneaky trick they do they often sell your debt to a debt collection agency just to get the money they want and as a way of not dealing with you. I told them if dca takes me to court I will request it goes to my local one so I can defend myself and tell the judge that the account was in dispute before it got sold etc etc etc They just said ok get the amount you want back in a letter a.s.a.p an
  2. Thanks Westy As I am doing my letter for requesting my money back ie charges £180 plus interest of xxxxxx this interest is the one that is calculated at 1.385% right? then if it goes to court it becomes 8% Only with Barclays bank I didn't include interest and it never got to court I had my overdraft written off.
  3. I am on verge of launching computer through window. I can not for love nor money get the darn spreadsh*t working properly and now my printers broken (bitch fit in progress..lol) so I think this is how I am gonna play it. Charges jan 04 £20 (bottom of statement states interest 1.385%) 1.386% of £20.00 = 0.277 charge 34 months old 0.277 x 34 = £9.69 march 04 £20.00 0.277 x 33 = £9.14 so by the end it all adds up to £72.28 interest on £180.00 = £252.28 which means they owe me £12.64 for the sake of that small amount I would rather they just write it off but if it goe
  4. Barclays paid up before going to court and remainder was used to pay off another Barclays bill so I only acheived getting debt paid off and never actually had a penny myself. I have got copies of my credit report no defaults by debt collection agency but there is from Barclays. Barclays told me that it will show settled on my credit report within 14 days. It looks like I am going to have another battle to get this removed. As this was put down as a good will gesture. Equifax say they are going to request directly to Barclays to get this removed as I sent them photocopies of letters to show unl
  5. For some reason I am unable to use the spreadsheet on my computer. I feel ill and have a screaming toddler ill as well. As I can't really think straight I went onto a site called quick math looked under % I put in 1.385 of £20.00 comes up with 0.277 times 34 months = 9.418 so for my 1st £20 charge that goes back 34 months at 1.385% (bottom of statement) I am adding £9.41 for interest and so on... so out of my 180.00 charges I have paid 72.28 as some other months are at 1.599% on my statement. I am going to type up letter tomorrow. Has anyone else worked out interest on charges like t
  6. Send Morcroft £1 statutory fee and ask for copy of original credit agreement. This will put things in dispute and tell them you ain't paying till they supply this. If they do not supply this take em to court no agreement no debt and check your credit rating to see what they have done to it. Good luck.
  7. Hi I am a bit confused about the interest and am unable to use the speadsheet on my computer. Barclaycard would not give me all the statements I wanted so I sent them a letter asking for £350.00 and I owe them £239.64. They sent me a letter offering £64.00 and I got a dca letter from Westcott. I called them and refused £64.00 told them account in dispute and that they should call off Wescott. Barclaycard told me that the Information commissioner had CHANGED THE RULES and that my statements would be with me very soon. That I was to look though charges and contact them back and get this tak
  8. I also have a Nationwide Flex account (no over Draft) If I need a cheque I give them the money over the counter and they print one off for me (for free) The money does not sit in my account waiting to be cleared. One of my cheques got lost in the post and Nationwide cancelled it for free! Then asked me if I wanted to have another cheque issued or the cash back. My friend (Barclays customer) had her cheque book removed and wanted a cheque printing off Barclays told her that they would do this for £10. I got my friend to open up a Nationwide account because if she got a postal order she woul
  9. barclaycard are still refusing to send me statements even though I have sent them a cheque for £10. They are also refusing to return any of my calls. I sent them a letter guessing an amount £600 asking for this to be paid back. I called them yesterday and told them that I am getting my papers together as I will now be taking them to court. Also they have sent what is outstanding to a diffrent debt collection agency. I pointed out that this is in dispute The girl I spoke to almost s**t herself. I received a letter from them offering £64 in the post this morning. I am going to go down to
  10. Barclays have sent me a letter offering £450.00 as a goodwill gesture instead of the £830.00 i requested. They also reminded me I owe £640.00 I would have thought they would at least have offered to write this off. I am going to write to them and let them know I will take this as part payment and will remind them that I will take them to court (after xmas) I really do need this being removed from my credit file. New year new start eh?
  11. Hi thanks for the reply. I am going to get a copy of my credit report to see what Argos and Moorcroft have done to it. As the debt is now unenforcable. I did try to contact Argos customers services as I still owe money and they REFUSED to speak to me. When I said I had paid for a CCA request she said 'ok but we are no longer dealing with the debt goobye' Moorcroft have not contacted me either. Odd very odd.....
  12. Hi I had a store card with Argos that went to Moorcroft I had been paying Moorcroft for a year with no statements. I managed to get a letter stating payments and dates and noticed a charge for £17.50. When I telephone Moorcroft they sais it was a fee for ignoring 4 letters sent. The charge was added the next day of Moorcroft taking on debt (which explains why I never had these so called letters) I sent a cca request to Moorcroft and one to Argos it has now been a month and I have not had a reply from anyone. I have not paid any money while I was waiting for a copy of the cca. Wondering w
  13. DM have ignored my cca request eventhough they have cashed the £1 statutory fee. Should I send them a letter letting them know that they have untill 26 November untill it becomes a criminal offence and that account in dispute etc, etc or just ignore pay £70 immediate letter. dated on the day that Peter Townsend has asked them to send all info on me....hmmmmm. Received a letter from DM stating they can not supply a signed agreement for a bank account. Surley an overdraft is a form of credit? DM telephoned me just before I left for work I told them that I am not prepared to get into a con
  14. I spoke to Peter Townsend in Data Protection and he was very concerned to say the least. He said that he is going to look into this and will contact D.M. It will take a couple of weeks to send me all the Data that D.M have on me. He said it will be very interesting to know what they have put in notes about me etc etc. Looks like D.M could have some explaining to do. (Mind you I did say that I was going to report D.M to OFT ) Now do I wait untill I have this information or do I request charges back now I have everything from the bank? To be honest I would accept them to write debt off and forg
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