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  1. Their offer didnt include interest, but it was given in plenty of time before the second hearing to enable a refusal and then a subsequent offer. But I was happy with the level of the offer without interest, so its up to you. My view is if a fee is applicaple (which it is, its only the level that is in disagreement) that value is about £5 if worked back against the interest. If you catch my drift.
  2. I had exactly the same thing, I attended a preliminary hearing for a summary cause action. Their argument was the same that I had not complied with their terms and conditions. I stated that my legal position was that I accepted that a charge was applicable but disagreed with the level of the charge. A date was set for a second hearing. In the meantime I had a letter from Clydesdale offering me the full value of my charges (exl interest) which I have accepted. Dont panic, they will contact you but will state that they are settling purely because it is uneconomical to defend. My claim was for £1209 plus interest, was a total of about £1700.
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