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  1. The code was on a kelkoo, price-runner type site and had been active for at least three weeks before (reducing the price by around £300). Then monday morning it dropped the price to £1 at the checkout.
  2. It certainly is if they have stock to shift. When attending a court, is the courts location close to the defendant or the plaintif?
  3. Yeah you said that in the chat the other day. However. It is quite common for retailers to sell discontinued stock at unbelievebly low prices. The company I work for frequently sell's stock at 1p. This is a reasonable assumption in this case. Do you not think? I have also been told that Dixons stores have previously sold stock for 1p.
  4. I sent them a letter but some people have emailed. This is their repsonses: 1st Email Dear ** Thank you for your recent e- mail to Peter Keenan. As you are aware, Dixons.co.uk was offering a Samsung LE40R73 television at a special promotional price of £1,070.99 using a discount code. The television was priced on the Dixons website at £1,399.99. We are, of course, happy to offer this television at the advertised promotional price, a saving of £328. You will also be aware that a technical issue, which is currently under investigation, led to an incorrect price being plac
  5. Your right... until they take your money.. After they take your money. They are entering into a contract to supply the goods at that price.
  6. So far, there are 51 people wanting to sue Dixons for the TV.. We really need some legal help with this. Can someone please help us? The way its going you might need to set this up as a new topic. Any help much appreciated with this. Asa
  7. £1,400. As they took the money my (£1) they legally entered into a contract to supply it at that price. Sent my preliminary letter.
  8. EXPIRED - MIS PRICE, Samsung LE40R73BD 40" High Definition Digital LCD TV for £1!!!! - HotUKDeals Forum This thread is now over 100 pages long. Maybe some consumer legal experts can offer some of their knowledge on this issue?
  9. I'm just working on a preliminary letter. Can you take a look at it when i've completed it?
  10. Probably mentioned in a previous post but the reason I asked is that I work in the price integrity dept in the named supermarket. The POS should have been removed by 8am (or 3 am in a 24h store) the previous day. Go back to the customer service desk and ask for a full refund of the two items. You are entitled to keep the products for free. The notice is displayed on each checkout and at the store entrance. Lucky You! P.S. Can someone give me some advice about my post in the Dixons forum?
  11. Hi, We recently purchased an item from the Dixons web site using a discount voucher. The voucher reduced the item to a very low amount. The order was accepted and we where given a delivery date. Two days later we recieved a anwser phone message saying that the order was cancelled and they would not honour it as there was a technical issue with the voucher code on the web site. The T+C on the web site states: We recieved this third email and have a sales invoice in PDF format. Does anyone know what our legal position is on this issue? Thanks Asa
  12. Hi bill-k, Thanks for the quick reply. As far as I can tell, they haven't charged any interest. my prelim letter was sent the 26/09. Should I wait the full 14 days to send the LBA or can I send it sooner? Regards Asa
  13. Hi I recently opened an A&L account and have always been in credit but in August my balance was around £10 in credit. They transfered £15 to my A&L savings account and charged me £100 for going £5 o/d. I sent the preliminary letter one week ago and today got the standard reply saying the OFT's ruling was for credit cards etc. Should I send the LBA letter as that states that they failed to repond to my letter? Thanks Asa
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