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  1. told by whom? i may be wrong, you need triplicate copies of all bundles, 1 4 u, 1 4 lawyerrs, 1 4 court, UNLESS otherwise adviced to the contrary.:?
  2. thank you. i am helping one of my clients fight bailiffs for pcn. because of this site, i have been helping people in a variety of ways,from claiming bank charges, to debt management, bailiffs etc + ALL knowledge has been garnered from THIS SITE. i really cannot THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH. thank you, with all my heart.
  3. car bailiffs clamp/seize a disabled person's car supplied + owned by motability?
  4. 2 xmas' ago, on 2 separate accounts at the halifax on 2 consecutive days £500 + £100 was taken out of my husband's account respectively.it was refunded 2/52 later,as it says our cards had been cloned.guess who has a healthy respect for me, that i was able to get back bank charges for MOI, our son, 3 friends?.now doing another friends.i might set up one of those 'fly by night' claiming your bank charges for yous company!!!not!
  5. http://www.scarborougheveningnews.co.uk/news?articleid=3103510
  6. thank you.i will pop over there this pm to actually see the letter.i have read the advice on here.i will follow it to the letter.this site is just fantastic..if i, family or friends need official advice, this CAG is now my first point of call.thank you all so much.
  7. i only "bumped", to bring your post up, so the good people can answer your questions.i do want to help + bumping is my 'own' know-how!!!
  8. Not sure it's really necessary to bump a thread afer 4 minutes! you are absolutely right.not necessary at all.so sorry.
  9. ADVICE PLEASE.one of my now distressed friend, on benefits and disabled, did not pay her penalty for parking ticket.the bailiff left a letter for £500+.i do not really know what to advice.please help.thank you
  10. it was transferred from uxbridge CC.my daughter works near uxbridge, so she filed there on behalf of my son, although we live in NE london.yes it was transferred to the LMC.LTSB settled 10 minutes before the judge mackie walked it.i now actually need your advice.the ORDER was made signed by barrister james, myself as i was representing my son + the judge.to date, i have yet to 'eye-ball' the said document.i called the court 2/7 ago + was told LTSB has not registered it.i called LTSB + was told someone will get back to me in 72hrs.i wll write to them on monday.
  11. halifax cc in obviously halifax, has blanket stay!!!!
  12. gosh, well wouldn't that be something. i am doing my friend's who has MS + on DLA. i have successfully done my son's at LTSB. we ended up in the london mercantile court, last month. this site is fantastic with all the help, cameradie + humour.
  13. i like your style. totally confident. thanks for that. i tend to 'spy' the other threads, mainly to pick up new info.
  14. please stephen, check ouy this link:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/barclays-bank/109831-help-please.html :-? :-? :-?
  15. yes, judge george mackie was giving this date out, the day i was in the mercantile court in july.
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