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  1. Really not trying to hijack a thread here but I find myself in the exact same situation as Mr Mag. Just got letter back for them to tell me that I wont be getting it. (You think yours is pitiful Mr Mag...mine is for £100) They replied to me within the 14 days. Can I send me LBA now or will I wait for the 14 days to finish? As for the interest aswell I have not calculated it into my first letter. Should I add it now or leave it just the way it is? /sorry if this is hijacking a thread. If need be a mod delete this and ill start a new one. Thanks for all the help folks!!!
  2. Havent got home to give them a call. Will try and see. Just wondering what everyone else got. did they get statements sent out to them or did they have to go and collect them?
  3. Hi there, I am in the process of reclaiming my bank charges with the help of this great forum. I sent for my bank statements at the start of January. I have just received a letter telling me that my bank statements are ready for collection at my branch. I no longer live near that branch. They also stated some rubbish that the charges incurred at the time were in accordance with the Terms and Conditions that I signed up for. Basically my issue is that they want me to collect the statements? I thought that is why I gave them £10. I have checked and they have taken the cheque from my account. Is this correct that I have to collect the statements or should they have posted these to me? Thanks Muzz
  4. Hi there I'll give you a quick run down of what actually happened to me and then you can let me know in what way you think I should progress. So thanks in advance. Firstly I have my bank now for 8 years. I have went overdrawn on 3 different occasions. Twice due to a broadband payment coming out that was suppose to have been cancelled. I just paid the £25 on both occasions as I was unaware that I could cliam back the charges. The most recent occasion I am having the problem with. On Friday past I checked my balance online and noticed that I had went into the red. So being the guy I am the following morning I went straight down to my bank and deposited £120 into my account that more than covered the overdrawn amount of £47. Alliance and Leicester use to have the policy that after the first day they did not charge but if you were overdrawn on the second day they charged you and then again on the 5th day if you were still overdrawn. I supposedly recieved a letter stating that this was changing (I probably didnt read it to be honest) I thought at that stage I would incur a charge of £25 on my account which I wasnt best pleased about. Thinking more of it as I walked through town I was like this isnt on and called into another branch. They told me that I would actually incur two charges one a pay item charge for having to pay my bill and then 2nd for going overdrawn. Both of £25. I then told them I wanted to close the account so they put me on the phone to their customer advisros. After speaking with the girl she stated she could refund me only one of the charges. I obviously still wasnt happy and did not accept. She told me to call back today and speak with the cancellation team and see what they could do. I called today and was told by a different advisor that I would only get 50% of one of the charges which was £12.50 and that was a goodwill gesture. This infuriated me more so I asked to speak with cancellation team. Was put through to a guy that told me the same story that he would only give me £12.50. I was nearly accepting and then closing the account and trying to get my money back by sending letters and threatening legal action but then I thought perhaps this would in their eyes constitute an acceptence. So I refused and told them that I would try citizens advice. So this is the story I have. I know it was entirely my fault that I went overdrawn but £50 is a tad excessive. Any advice links or information on this would help me enormously. I thank you for your help and dedication. Look forward to hearing from you. Muzz
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