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  1. Hi.....I am new to the forum and have tried to get back mybank charges from Halifax who I have had nothing but trouble with ever since joining them, and to know tht I might possibly get my charges back would be a miracle and a joy!! in the past 1 mth I have been chrged over £300. The trouble is tht I sent the first 2 letters and considering they owe me over 2k they tried to offer £181......of course I said no. Since then I have sent another letter to say that I am going to court, but have heard nothing in the last 14 days so I have to go to court (I have received the papers) but am not sure how to fill it in. Is there special wording or do you just put the amount down? HELP
  2. Hi I am new onto the forum after getting advice off of Martins money tips. Ihave printed the form to try & get my charges back from the Halifax, which have added upto around £800 in under 3 yrs - I have teenage children who are still at school and can ill afford paying these charges - the least money you have the more they charge you and the deeper you get in debt. Lets hope I can get this money back and then I can pay some of the debt off of my credit card!!!!!!!!! its a hard life if you don't weaken ;^)
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