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  1. got an email from the branch, saying that the area manager has decreed that i get a FULL refund. apparently, they are chasing the fleet business from my company. what that has to do with me, i have no idea but they're giving me my money back. the way i have been spoken to by the bank has infuriated me and i intend to take it up with them. a lot of good it will do but am still going to have a word.
  2. spoke to the regional mgr at enterprise and he was sympathetic and said that he saw my point and would take it up and had never had a complaint of this type, before. then, 15 minutes of arguing the toss with someone at my lloyds branch. she just kept saying that i had consented to this in the terms and conditions and that meant that it was not an 'error'. i kept making the point that she was effectively making a judgment about what was reasonable as that was all that i had consented to. she kept telling me to take it up with enterprise. i asked her to read out the banks T&Cs that she
  3. speak of the devil. lloyds just rang and said that i need to speak to the relevant dept. they have already knocked it back, so i think it is back to square one. i could try again but the first question that she asked me was if i had had any dealings with the company. i cannot tell them i didn't, so i will just try insisting that they do not make any judgments and do my bidding.
  4. crem thanks for that and i take your points but they are going to look into the matter and come to their own conclusions, irrespective of what i say. they will know the facts before they do anything. i, either have the right to have this refunded or i do not and if i don't then i will have to pursue them via other means.
  5. here is the email that i sent to Enterprise on thursday 7th; **** You have debited £35 from my account, as an administration fee for forwarding my details to the police and notifying myself of a speeding ticket. I note, from your terms and conditions, that two references to this possible charge are made; First, it requires me to pay “A reasonable administration fee…” in such circumstances. Secondly, it is stated that it must be no more than £50. While I accept that you have fulfilled your obligations, in respect of the second, I cannot accept that you have, in respect o
  6. they said that all they could do was make a request to visa and that it wouldn't get anywhere unless the transaction was a complete error. but i will take the advice, on offer, and write to them.
  7. ok, will do. i rang enterprise, again but missed the call when the area manager rang me back. he is calling again later today.
  8. just rang them and they said that they cannot do anything unless i have been charged for goods i did not receive or charged twice or something. she wouldn't budge, so it is up to me to ring enterprise and make sure that they earn their £35;).
  9. good point. she said that if it was stated in the terms and conditions then there was no point as it would just 'bounce straight back'. i then went to the branch and they gave me the debit card disputes number. i have tried them on a previous occasion and they wouldn't do anything. they tell you it's a legal dispute, not an error. however, i agree with you, they should not be making these decisions.
  10. i cannot really complain about the ticket, itself but it describes the road as a single carriageway when it was a dual carriageway. is this the sort of thing that nullifies otherwise bona fide tickets?
  11. just asked the bank and they say that they cannot dispute it if it is in the terms and conditions. only if it was over the amount specified or if i was saying that it wasn't me or something. i suppose that if it is a legal dispute then that's fair enough but it is infuriating when otherwise legitimate operators attempt slap a huge charge like this and you have to fight to get it back.
  12. mine, too. the list of 'TERMS WHICH MAY BE REGARDED AS UNFAIR' in ' SCHEDULE 3' is said to be non-exhaustive. to me, that means that they are no more than examples and that the test of unfairness is a circular one and that you merely have to show that it is 'unfair' eg imblanced etc. also, i don't think that they can escape their own statement that any such charge must be reasonable merely by quoting £50. i think that i can hold them to show that it is reasonable.
  13. what a cracking forum this is! crem - good point. i will contact my bank and see if they can do that. Bernie - i have looked through Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999: A guide A guide to the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999 "A standard term is unfair if it creates a significant imbalance in the parties' rights and obligations under the contract, to the detriment of the consumer, contrary to the requirement of good faith." it doesn't mention anything about breaches. i know that the banking charges challenge mentioned that and that the banks tr
  14. once again, thanks and my point exactly. i claimed over 5 grand back from LloydsTSB for a friend, so am familiar with this sort of thing. first, i will complain to the guy behind the jump at the local branch. i hired it for 9 days and paid the £10/day insurance which brought it to a tidy £400. they should be able to find that £35, in there!
  15. i haven't checked but the person i spoke to says that T&Cs say that they can take up to £50, which is no surprise. they wrote to me a told me that they had helped themselves to my bank account. i checked and they have. thanks for affirming my complaint. this is my point, exactly. it is the amount. they can only charge what it cost them plus a reasonable profit and they would have to justify this, in court. would still like to hear from anyone who has taken any sort of similar issue.
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