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  1. Update time, Wife called them this morning to chase up and they said they had posted a cheque this morning for £700 + so happy to have won. I'm eager to see how they have come to this figure as I expected the value to be more as it ran for 10 yrs + with a usual balance of 1k . Am I right in thinking this should have some compound interest with it being a circa 29.9% APR store card ? Thanks to DX for putting me straight on a few bits and in particular that I should have just focussed on her NHS status as that is what swung it , total claim time has been about 5 weeks !
  2. cheers Dx that' really helpful and thanks for your time finding it, wife now has a pension printout proving her NHS work at the point of sign up which will go back with the questionnaire and a copy of that FOS ruling
  3. Fair play DX I've had success in the past but I don't do this very often and certainly not for quite a while, previous scatter gun approaches have been successful previously but I've never focused on the NHS element predominantly. I've done searches for "case examples" and can't find anything so forgive dimness can you expand a little on what I need to provide regarding NHS service ?
  4. Aye perhaps, so proof of NHS terms and conditions should be enough to push it forward? No I didn't use fos cq, should I have ?
  5. Wife had a Burtons card from 2003-2014 and I submitted complaint via Santander website, cited numerous reasons for PPi missell and had a reply today: Seems they don't think they should uphold ( unsurprised !) but for 2 of the reasons I gave they want more info about in the form of a questionnaire, savings i.e where they came from and where were they lodged ??? Also she works for NHS and they want proof of her sickness benefits at the time ?? Haven't got any proof of savings but can hopefully get something cobbled together from her employer but will this suffice? Whats annoyed
  6. Last payment was May 2012 from my records but default date showing as Sep 2012 ?
  7. Bit of a weird one here, I "may" have an old CC debt that was last paid in May 2012 and this looks to be the default date, no acknowledgement of account since then and no contact for 5 yrs they went mental around January this yr threatening all kinds of silly court stuff I CCA'd them and they couldn't come up with a signed CCA and recently very kindly said they would suspend any action for 30 days, believe me they aren't getting me worried at all but are now phoning several times daily and it's irritating .......... ... here's the weird bit... ..they have par
  8. I'm into a DMP about 6 yrs now and through here have realised I've been cash cowed by a couple of the pre 2007 one's One card has not been part of the plan for some reason, never been paid and is on the cusp of Statute barring and I likely won't hear from them due to a CCA request thanks to you guys...now for the rest of them to be CCA'd Two stupid questions : Obviously part payments have been appearing on my records due to DMP but the original 5 yr old defaults will possibly drop off next September ...... is this correct? Like most I want to increase credit scores for so
  9. Well I asked for a CCA and got a reply they would look for one....nothing since so must be a big archive room
  10. Halifax did something called mortgage care, I have something similar I got stitched up with by a broker, now bankrupt. Ours wouldn't pay out until we'd been out of work for 12 months. I'm looking at submitting a claim on it, maybe yours was a similar policy ?
  11. Had a letter saying they have put it on hold while they try to obtain the agreement, 3 weeks now
  12. I've got the original signed agreement from when it started but nothing else, according to the better half we tried this a while ago and they said as they hadn't done the selling it was bugger all to do with them, Broker has gone bust years ago so any pointers on making Halifax cough up , unsuitable for our needs doesn't even half cover it
  13. A recent sift of paper work has shown we have been paying £17 a month for Mortgage care insurance via Halifax for 15 yrs, whilst young and stupid we ended up with a load of daft stuff like this when getting our first mortgage via a broker , since liquidated, he must of had a Caribbean holiday with all the commissions. On looking further the insurance doesn't even pay the mortgage unless you have been ill/unemployed for a year, how great is that !! Any likelihood of getting this back ?
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