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  1. Hiya lateralus cheers for the advice ill be sooooo happy if i get the money early next year will be a good start to 2007. Hope your claim is going well and have a brill christmas!!!
  2. Hiya all, ive just done my calculations including the overdraft interest charges, but am leaving out the 8% interest until it goes to Court is this correct?? Hopefully it won't go that far Thanks Send letter off 4th December await response 14 days - if no response send further letter and await a further 14 days
  3. chez06

    Chez -v- HSBC

    Hi am in the process of sending my letter of today with my schedule. I just need to know if there is a way of keeping a log on this site of what stage am up to just so everyone can view how my claim is geting on and so that i can be reminded what my next steps are. Have i actually join the HSBC Group now not sure if i have done it right? Your help would be really appreciated! Many thanks Chez
  4. Argghhhhh thank you all soooo much for your help its really appreciated! Ill let you know how i get on thanks again!!! chez
  5. Hiya thank you for your reply ive spent most of the day trying to find the right advice my eyes are going cross eyed lol Have you got a link where i can go to am just worried am going to cock up my claim. Thank you again for your swift reply
  6. Hi am new to this, could anyone advise me what i can claim for? I have had many charges from HSBC over a period of 6 years. I have today telephoned HSBC who said they will forward all my statements to me. What steps do i take next? Which HSBC branch shall i write to? Which letter shall i use as they will already be sending my statements out? What spreadsheet is best to use to make my calculations? Sorry for all the questions i just having one of those days How can i keep a log on this site what stages am at with my claim i have read other questions and they h
  7. Hiya you will be able to claim under small claims track its up to £5000.00 hope this helps
  8. Thank you so much for your help i really appreciate it!!! Tjis site is brilliant i will be making a donation once i have received my charges back from the bank. Kindest regards Chez
  9. Could anyone please help me i want to claim back my bank charges from HSBC. Where can i find the standard letters to send to the bank? What steps do i need to take in order to make a successful claim? i have telephoned my bank requesting all my statement for the last 6 years. I would really appreciate if anyone could please help me
  10. Hi could anyone please help direct me to were i can find the letters which i can send to my bank? ive had horrendous bank charges for going over my overdraft by £1 its about we fight back were being [edit] blind! Any help would be greatly appreciated
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