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  1. Hi Everyone, I have sent a letter to Halifax requesting that they refund my credit card charges relating to late payments. I have received a letter today which basically say's that i signed the origional agreement to these charges when i opened my account. The letter also mentions that they have now lowered the charges since the OFT's ruling therefore admitting that they have previously overcharged customers. They will not be offering a refund. What do i need to do? Is there a letter i need to send? and if so can someone send me the link please. Thanks for all your help!!
  2. Hi All, I have begun the process of reclaiming late payment charges in relation to my credit card. I received a letter yesterday which basically stated that when i opened my account i agreed to pay these charges as it formed part of the agreement (it was in the small print) However in the letter Halifax have stated that since the OFT's ruling they have reduced the amount they charge. Is this an admission that they have been overcharging me before? Do i accept the letter or do i take it further? If i need to take it further what do i need to do? Thanks Trevor
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