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  1. hi b1950 if you checked the link i posted, youll see that ive done all you suggest thanks anyway i am just hitting a brick wall when i speak to them theysay that all have been deleted did you actually get to speak to joyce tudor? anyway, sending them a hard hitting fax in morning, b4 ffiling for non compliance also requested a certificate of destruction:cool: just for the record for anyone using this info, the above fax no. is obsolete the new one is Natwest regulatory compliance fax no. 0131 523 4970
  2. all you can do to start is send in the sar's after you have sent the reminder, then you can start the daily chore of hounding them on the phone as for 1985, i dont think you have a chance read the link i have put in the post above, and you will see how the old crapwest archive system works:)
  3. it would be really helpful if you could post details of who you have been dealing with and on what number,and how you actually managed to get these statements i am on the phone to regulatory compliance almost every day, but cant get any sense out of them ( 6 months now ) see thread below Natwest Staff member - here to help if I can - Page 15 - Penalty Charges Forum we need to pool our resorces to nail these lying b*st*rds:-x
  4. hi jos, thought you were submitting AQ today? my deadline came and went at 4pm, nothing from higley, so i will be filing on monday (this is a different claim , i havent started the thread yet) Bob
  5. hi jos just as expected i suppose, but having read your fax, i would have thought they would have replied i have a similar deadline with higley tomorrow at 4pm, so see if i fair any better, other wise its court for me on monday, to file another claim bob
  6. josa i emailed l burgoine on monday, and reply came back---out of office till thursday---and to contact rachel mcfarlane, she turned out to be a nasty piece of work, some good that to me so i then faxed the email at 9.30 am heard nothing by 2.30, so i rang her, and quess what, they hadnt even taken the message off the machine so i would ring them tomorrow if i were you, and tell them their time is nearly up what have you said,? you didnt pm me Bob:-o
  7. josa, pm me your reply, as you promised, i still havent decided what to do bob
  8. nattie this was filed on a N1, and i am only 3 weeks from court date, wheras josa is well behind me with his claim, they are certainly caving in it seems to me i still havent decided what to do, but i must make a decision tonight, as bundle must be in by 16th, if i refuse settlement offer bob
  9. hi nati could you expand on that a little? do you have any suggestions to help me with rejecting the offer, but keeping the cheque, bearing in mind my bundle is due in on 16th? bob
  10. not quite, my court date is 30th march---help!!!
  11. no, nothing,they arent that polite, but they did send me a nice cheque next day, unfortunately it wasnt enough, bob
  12. hi mindzai i have tried to update my spresdsheet from 1.7 to 1.9, i have copied and pasted all the info into the 1.9 sheet, but it wont calculate the cumulative penalties or the interest paid on penalties will i have to start over and re enter everything, or is there a trick to geting these two columns to activate? :confused: thanks for any help by the way, your inbox is full bobandsuzzi
  13. ok you 2, i need some real input please i have to submit my bundle on 16th if i dont accept the cheque there seems to be a more active discussion over on josymollys thread, i might just watch there bobandsuzzi
  14. as you know josa, i got the same letter as you i emailed them on wednesday, and cheque arrived friday bobandsuzzi
  15. this doesnt seem to be the standard reply that i have read on here, can somebody have a quick look over it for me please still cant decide weather to bank the cheque, as they could still claw it back many thanks Bobandsuzzi Quote: Our client considers that your challenge to its charges would fail in Court. Our client believes that its charges are fair, reasonable and transparent. It considers that the amount debited to your account has been applied strictly in accordance with your agreement with it and its published tariff. Our client is also committed to ensuring the transparency of the information that it gives to its customers about the operation of its products. As such, our client does not believe that your claim has any prospect of succeeding. We note that you refer to the contractual rate as being a fair and equitable rate. As the figure of 29.69% is a mathematical average and not based on historical data, a court would be unable to find on the balance of probabilities that your calculations are accurate. It would be bound to find against you. The schedule you have provided relies on the assumption that interest was being debited from the account at all material times and the account was at no stage in credit. Only if this premise is correct could the account have attracted interest day-to-day. To the extent that the account has been in credit since charges were first levied in 2002, there could have been no unauthorised borrowing interest. In the circumstances, it is our client’s contention that your client is only entitled to unauthorised borrowing interest accrued on the account at the time the charges themselves accrued. i cant recall ever seeing a statement from a bank like this before---any thoughts, and what does it say i real terms? However, although our client remains of the view that you are only entitled to 8% interest, and is confident that it will be successful at a final hearing, its legal fees will almost certainly outweigh the value of the claim, and, as such, our client must take a commercial approach to such claims. Accordingly, without any admission of liability, our client is prepared to settle this matter to prevent incurring any further legal fees. We enclose a cheque in the sum of £4,570.62, which includes: I Charges of3,314 2 Interest thereon at 8% per annum of £1,036.62 3 Court Fees of £220 Acceptance by you of this goodwill payment will be in full and final settlement of your claim against our client and strictly on the basis that: 1 you agree not to disclose to any third party the fact of, or any details relating to, this payment; 2 you write to the Court withdrawing your claim. Any charges that properly accrue in the future will be applied to your account in line with our published tariff and in accordance with your agreement with the bank. Should you be unwilling to accept any such charges then we may need to consider if we are prepared to continue to provide you with your existing banking facilities. Instead we may offer you a simple account that does not offer borrowing facilities or other services that can result in charges. We would ask that you now write to the Court and discontinue proceedings in this matter. We have attached two copies of the Notice of Discontinuance, and we should be grateful if you would complete the copies, forwarding one to the Court and the duplicate to us. We await receipt of the completed Notice of Discontinuance Any thoughts on this?
  16. parkvale, i thought the same, it might be worth getting a mod to comment on this i am wondering if i can "up" my claim on this basis, whilst banking the cheque as part settlement?
  17. this doesnt seem to be the standard reply that i have read on here, can somebody have a quick look over it for me please still cant decide weather to bank the cheque, as they could still claw it back many thanks Bobandsuzzi
  18. hi all ---won today--- £4,570 but no cci, only paid 8% anually + costs dont know what to do now should i bank the cheque and call their bluff for the rest---or just be gratefull and bow out gracefully can post the whole letter tonight if that will help Bobandsuzzi mods please put won in thread title
  19. hi mine was lynsey clair burgoyne-----email address anyone?
  21. hi all, not been around for a while, as both computers crashed within 24 hours, anyway, £800 later, im back now my claim is for a ltd business against crapwest, 4000 + CI not heard a thing from them since i refused their offer of £2,300, 2 days after defence was filed, back in january my AQ has long gone, and my court date is 30th march, so have 10 days to get my court bundle submitted anyone got any advice as to altering the court bundle etc. for ltd business claim with CI , or is it ok as it is? many thanks Bobandsue:confused:
  22. hi i found Martins post really encouraging, i have had to struggle through, finding bits of info from all over the site, after many hours of searching it is too late for me, as i am past AQ stage, but it will be invaluable to future business claimants, and they should show there appreciation for the new thread when it is available, by making a donation after their refund arrives Bobandsue
  23. Hi quick update just received court date for 30th March, and allocated to small claims--good news-- no fancy pre hearings, all seems very placid and straight forward so far, fingers crossed i tried the new stratergy for the AQ, but the judge didnt use it having said that, it wouldnt have made much difference in my case, as its less than 5 weeks to the hearing there cant be the volume of claims up here in south yorkshire as there are else where, as i have read of court dates being set for many months ahead now its the court bundle and lots of photo copying should i get it in early, or is it worth hanging on in the hope that they settle, and save me a lot of work? any new members reading this, it really is very easy to get to this stage, just follow the "step by step guide " to the letter even the next bit isnt that bad, as long as you prepare properly back soon Bobandsue
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