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  1. Hi I was hoping someone could give me some advice, I had a business account with HSBC and a commercial card. I ran into some difficulty with the business and ran up a balance on the card. After missing payments HSBC started taking payments from the business account unilaterally and then when there was no more money in the business account they paid off the card through the business account and transferred the business account (which was now severly overdrawn) to MCS. I was hoping someone could advise me whether there was anything I could do in terms of disputing this, I was going to
  2. Thanks everyone, looks like I have a course of action ! I have another loan which I am contesting but I did that one through a claims company (this was before I found the info on this site) they promised to get a court order (or something) to confirm the unenforceability of the agreement. While they were dealing with my claim they said to carry on making the payments. What I was wondering is that now that I am contesting this one on my own, should I continue trying to make the payments or as I read on this forum stop and get the company to chase me ? The problem is that I want t
  3. Hi, After some major problems with banks and charges I have started to get my affairs in order with the help of CAG (thanks to everyone here). I recently sent off CCA requests to both Halifax (credit card) and Abbey (loan). They were both taken out in 2005/6. Having read other posts I was all set to be ignored but was a bit suprised when I got a response back from Halifax which seems to suggest that they can't find the original agreement and accepting they won't be enforcing the 'agreement'. I am not sure what to do now.........can anybody have a look at the response and make suggest
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