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  1. I have a Nat West advantage gold account which is of no benefit to me whatsoever. So I went to my branch to cancel it yesterday and was told I can't. This is because I took out a loan as a advantage gold customer and got a preferential loan rate, Therefore if i wanted to cancel it i'd have to take out another loan to pay off my existing one. Can they do this?
  2. Ok, i've finally cancelled my PPI and received a letter this morning to confirm that it's been cancelled. However my monthly payments have only been reduced by £50 per month and the monthly amount for PPI as stated on my loan agrrement was £65. Nat West have said that the PPI payments start at £65 but reduce over the period of the loan as there is less risk. Is this correct and can they do this. I'm getting so frustrated with them at the moment due to a number of issues. Anyway surely if i have an agrrement that states that PPI is £65 a month and I've now cancelled the PPI then my repayments s
  3. I'm still struggling to get information because Nat West are dragging their heels. However I'v just had a thought which is: If Nat West settle for unfair bank charges on my current account sometime in the near future as a full and final settlement, will I still be able to file a seperate court claim for mis-sold PPI on Nat West loans? I guess it won't be a problem because presumably it's a different acccount, but just want to check anyway.
  4. I also received a copy of their allocation questionnaire which was exactly the same. This was despite Cobbetts receiving 2 copies of my breakdown of charges and a response to their Part 18 request. I'm wondering if we need to write a letter to court about this?
  5. Thanks Ian for your excellent advice. All I really need is the original loan agreements in order to work out how much I've paid in unnecessary PPI. Is this something they should have provided as part of the Data Protection Act information I requested?
  6. I'm in the process of trying to gather information from Nat West about how much I've had to pay in PPI payments over the past 4-5 years. I've had 4 sperate loans with them over this period all but one of which were paid early and I'm still paying for one. I was always told that I would have to have PPI in order to be accepted for the loans and so have clearly been mis-sold them. So I did a SAR requesting information about all loans and received a letter a month ago informing me that any info reuired to be provided under Section 7 of the Data Protection Act would be forwarded asap, but that the
  7. I have followed the timescale and procedure correctly so far and so have completed all of the required letters. However the response to my SAR was the usual microfiche thing so I had to estimate my charges based on the charges I know were applied for the period I received statements. Anyway the only responses I've had from Barclaycard are that they're looking into it and are hoping to reslove the situation by 5th December! Anyway following my timescale I need to file a court claim tomorrow. The trouble is I still don't know the exact charges. Should I go ahead anyway based on estimated c
  8. Hi, can anyone tell me if it would be quicker to file a claim through MCOL or through my local county court? Or am I looking at a similar timescale for both?
  9. Someone I know recently bought a microphone but later decided that she didn't want it. So she took it back to the shop (a local sole trader) and was told she can't have a refund. She's been offered an alternative, but the microphone she wants isn't available from this shop. So is she entitled to a refund even though she just changed her mind?
  10. I sent a letter to their head office last week expressing my disappointment. Anyway I was asked to post the coat to them on Monday which I did and today I received a phone call. I was offered a credit note but I said that I'm not really happy with that. So I was informed that I should receive a cheque next week. I'm still not delighted about the situation because I've had to waste time and money on this. However at least I'm finally geeting a refund (fingers crossed) and I do appreciate that they may get lots of [problematic]. But hey, I was genuinely returning a product and it's not my
  11. There's no barcode, but it clearly states £39.99 (which is the price I paid) on the receipt.
  12. The receipt states that it's mens outerwear, which it is. The problem is that the manager said the receipt code is for a hooded top! I did inform her that the coat has a hood. But she just said that's she not prepared to provide a refund.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm just looking for some advice on how to proceed with a problem I encountered at TK Maxx today. Basically what happened is that I bought a coat on the 15th September for £39.99. When I got the coat home I removed the price tag which was on the sleevebecause the way it was attached meant that I couldn't get my arm through the sleeve properly. Anyway the coat fiited fine so I threw the ticket away and hung the coat up in my wardrobe. I haven't worn the coat at all apart from to try it on. Last week I found another coat that I preferred so i bought this with the intentio
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