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  1. It's unlikely this will appear on the officers permanent record for any prolonged amount of time. I believe warnings etc stay for 1 year. An Inspector cannot order someone to be arrested either.....
  2. Plus I am looking to claim my PPO back from them, I will review the notes first.
  3. Just a post to gain some advice on a situation. In brief: Account held with HFC Bank, account went into default although I don't recall receving the letter. (2003) Account taken back to local branch who agree an amount per month to settle account stating default clearing and account showing up to date. They tell me it's too late to talk about the letter as it's already served. (2003) Review of my credit file in recent times shows account in default, then in default month by month for each month I have paid. (2004 then 2007) One complaint a few years ago - Declined (2004) Further complaint started recently - Branch rubbish, 2nd branch rubbish, HQ dealing but saying no basis for complaint. (2007) They have agreed as a gesture of goodwill to send me my SAR for free. They have requested ID, I have stated I believe they should provide it to me as per my request as this is my file address, been here for 7 years and they already corresponded with me about complaint without any ID. Initialy email contact by Director of Finance, now I email and they post me a letter. Does anyone have any thoughts on the above or any luck with a default removal?
  4. lukeyboyuk

    Quiz TV

    No doubt this one has been discussed before. A friend of mine has spent a considerable amount of money on calls to Quiz TV channels. (Probably about £700 / £1000). There has been talk of the companies being sued as the answers were impossible (Spark Plug in a womans handbag etc) so not a fair chance of winning. Has anyone heard of this or considered action? He doesn't want to post here but I have no issue at all, having occasionally called these numbers!
  5. There is absolutely no change of address and they have corresponded with me by post to the address over the past 8 - 12 weeks. I think they are just being difficult and I am not prepared to send it through the post to them. They were more than happy to deal with me before without it, if they are saying they weren't happy then I will have questions about why they continued without being satisfied! Failing that I will take it to my local branch but refuse to allow a copy to be taken.
  6. I am currently trying to retrieve some personal data from HFC Bank. I have an ongoing complaint that they are dealing with and have corresponded with me about over the past few weeks. As a gesture of goodwill they are waiving their £10 fee, they have however asked me to provide a copy of my DL or PP. I do not believe this is necessary as they have my signature on file and are sending the data to my registered address as it has been for the past 7 years. On top of this they have been happy to correspond to me without these documents. A quick glance at DPA S7(3) reveals: (3) A data controller is not obliged to comply with a request under this section unless he is supplied with such information as he may reasonably require in order to satisfy himself as to the identity of the person making the request and to locate the information which that person seeks. My argument is in light of the above they must have satisfied themselves with my identity by corresponding and that such a request is unnecessary as they know I live at this address and can verify my signature. Does anyone have any thoughts before I get stroppy with them and tell them their 40 days started when they got my letter, if they fail to comply see them in court etc etc.....
  7. I guess that would make sense as it was paid without admission blah blah blah. But 2 bites of the cherry and all that.....
  8. Just received a letter from Barclaycard (Although i'm not suing them it is obviously the same company.) telling me that I have had my credit limit reduced from £1200 to £300. The only reason they offer for this is 'Credit Profiling' - Odd seeing as there have been no changes in my personal circumstances since they put it up 3 months ago. Has anyone else experienced this? A quick call to Customer Services tells me there is no more they can give me and when questioned about litigating against Barclays i'm told that 'May' be the reason!
  9. Good question that I can't answer for you..... Any idea on this anyone else, a friend of mine is about to have the same issue else where!
  10. Were they both credit card accounts Lynne? You can most definately claim your charges from them!
  11. Armed - With Halifax, have you sent all the appropriate letters to them in the first instance? Make sure you do them so your claim doesn't fall down!
  12. Ok so when you phone them they can't tell you your account number over the phone for 'Security Purposes'. They will send it to you in the post, they send a 'Balance Letter', which will confirm your balance as 0.00 and your account number. Then send the the DPA letter, 40 days for the statements, they seem to drag their heels a little as there was a delay from account prints to getting them and my statement. You WILL get your money back, don't listen to their negative chat!
  13. Plenty of people have won. Take a look at some of the older posts, you will see!
  14. There is also a letter about rejecting an offer here: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejection-settlement-offer.html
  15. You should pop a copy in the post ASAP. I don't think it will affect you though as you have already supplied 2 copies to Barclays. If Barclays don't reply by the required time then you can apply for a judgement by default. Expect them to reply at the very last minute.....
  16. As per the previous posts on this thread Capital One email addresses are [email protected] So [email protected]
  17. Wendy Starr is defending on the part of C1. Email sent to her.....
  18. Interesting, a cross over in the post. Dear Mr Lukeyboyuk, Blah blah blah - £700 gesture. A sizeable amount but not quite enough!
  19. LBA sent & copy faxed accross to them today
  20. I can't wait! Barclays LBA is off tomorrow too,.....
  21. Cap 1's reply to my email: Dear Luke, Thank you for emailing Robert Udy in response to the letter you received from him. He has passed your mail to me and I realise that you're still unhappy with our offer and I'm sorry. I've reviewed your account and I'm afraid that our offer of £141 is our final offer and we won’t be changing this. You now have the opportunity to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service or take your complaint further and contact the courts. Once again, I'm sorry we've been unable to help you further with your complaint. I hope you will reconsider our offer, so we can put this behind us. Kind regards Laura Garrett Executive Office Capital One
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