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  1. Hi All, finally got a full and final in the post this morning. Talk bout last minute! Thanks everyone for your help, I couldn't have done it without the CAG members - now Im off out to spend some money!!!
  2. Does anyone know if there's anyway I can refer the court to this programme, I've got my court case Tomorrow (Friday), so none of this was in my original court bundle which was submitted weeks ago.
  3. Ive got my court case with Barclays this Friday, pity its too late to submit the programme in my court bundle.
  4. Well, I wrote to Barclays last week to point out their non-compliance in sending their court bundle, and I've emailed Krista Campbell directly, but they're still not responding in any way. I think they may want to go all the way cos the case is this Friday!
  5. 3 days and counting - I've just confirmed with the court that Barclays haven't sent any documents to them either. GaryH - I dont think I can claim any costs because I get income support (Im a full time carer) so the court waived my costs.
  6. Thanks for all your input lads, I've followed GuidoT#s advice and sent the letter he linked to. Hopfully it'll prompt a response, but they've only got 4 days left now.
  7. no, I havent had their court bundle. I haven't rang them cos I didn't want them to think I was 'waivering' which of course Im not - just not looking forward to appearing at court if it should come to that. Still, one way or the other I suppose it'll all be sorted pretty soon!!! Well done on your settlement - it must be time for a drink!
  8. I take it yours was a settlement offer? Apparantly my case is to be heard with a whole load of others next Friday. It looks as though the court as put aside a whole day to hear bank charge cases.
  9. Well, its taken a while but Im only just over a week away from my day in court. OK, I admit Im really nervous about it, but at least things will finally get sorted one way or the other. Wish me luck...
  10. Hi All Ive read the other posts and the guide but they dont seem to answer these particular questions. The court sent me a N150 rather than the N149 AQ, I think that this is a more detailed questionaire than the standard N149. Thanks
  11. I have just received an AQ from the court and I’m unsure about a couple of the questions, can anyone help with the following bits: It asks if I’ve sent a copy of the completed AQ to the other party. Should I send it and if I don’t will the court? Location of the trial. I assume I can just put my local court but is being a full time carer justification enough? It asks how long I think the final hearing will take in days, hours and minutes. Any ideas what I should put. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer
  12. I've gone through the process described on this site and sent off all the appropriate letters etc. without much joy from Barclays. They did at one point offer me a miserley £90 in full and final settlement from a claim of £1090. Anyway Im going to take my N1 and shedule to the court tomorrow to start the proceedings. As Im a full time carer and so on a very low income I will be entitled to have the charges waived. My only question is on the N1 form should I still claim for court costs (wont the court want these - as they are in effect paying my fees) or should I leave the court costs off my claim altogether.
  13. Hi Lilly Yes, Barclays will do anything to delay the process. I must admit me and Barclays seemed to get into some sort of letter writing competition at one point. Looking back on it, it was all unnecessary, if I were you Id establish your timetable now and stick to it, don't let Barclays deflect you with pitiful offers etc.
  14. I sent my first letter on 20th September and their reply was dated the 26th September. The letter was a standard one thanking me for taking the time to write and giving a date by which time they would respond to my request.
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